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Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown! | 10 Marvel Villains Still Lurking - At Ai-Tube.com

AVENGERS ENDGAME Trailer Breakdown! 10 Marvel Villains Still Lurking 3 weeks ago   19:25

New Rockstars
Avengers Endgame Super Bowl Trailer Explained! Thanks to Wix for Sponsoring this Video! Build Your Own Website at: https://www.wix.com/go/newrockstars

What details did you miss in this Avengers Endgame promo that aired during the Super Bowl? What is Thor and Rocket's mission in Endgame, and will Tony Stark and Nebula build a way to return on their own? What does Cap's group therapy session say about the world after Thanos' snap? Erik Voss breaks down this Endgame trailer -- all 30 seconds of it, which is THOUSANDS of still images to pore over -- to explain the Avengers' possible comeback strategies against Thanos and the time jump that could take place after Infinity War. Which of these shots could be re-edited for the final version of the movie? What detail about Tony Stark suggests his coming full circle to his state in the first Iron Man movie?

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Comments 5911 Comments

Arya Faeqy
Adam Warlock. I want Adam Warlock to fill those empty places
Chris Campbell
Scots two friends are gonna rescue him😁 my theory. That's why the Van is in the background on the security footage
yeignathiena jeonkook
Can I ask did bts perform at City field...pls don't bash me...im just asking
If Tony Stark does die, he's going to have that vision or dream he spoke of in IW where he said the dream seemed so real. I think the dream he spoke of was the moment where a different timeline for him was open and he was able to see it

You guys also seem to keep forgetting Dr. Strange's cape is still out there, probably with Tony and Nebula, and it was mimicking Tony's mannerisms as he spoke with Peter...

Idk if either of these are just coincidence or not, but with the Russo brothers, I'm not taking anything lightly lol
Steven Rodriguez
What if the first shot with no people is from the other parallel universe where the people who died are
Jared White
Rainbow Void
the second not us cap says could be meant like a threat or something with the first one being just a statement
Nornor Unicorns

Anthony Chang
What happened to Sam?
Adondon dindin
I want the spaces to be tony
Cassie 5000
Hawkeye is in this movie right?
And they're going to 'win' or atleast achieve some form of greater good, like in the first two Avengers movies.
Sisuke Mechia
I hope its Batman
Dennis The Menace
Patton Oswald predicted this series in Parks and Rec.
seth briggs
Some comments about the movie have stated years will have passed between infinity and engame
Dávid Sáhó
15:30 look at the Avengers logo in the back on the building. First time the logo is there with the actors but next time when the room is empty the avengers’s logo is not there too.
Selina Kyle
EB21 2007
there is no qwin jet is there when they walk
Black Widow
where do we go,now that they`re gone?
There are 7 shadows on that poster I think that those are the most important that have disappeared: Nick Fury,Spiderman,Wanda,Vision,Falcon,T`Challa and dr.Strange. Those are the most powerfull ones
prahalad krishna
pepper potts
Steven Curran
Some people move on but not us .. I believe this to be
Tony stark .. some people
Thanos.. move on ..
Cap .. but not us ..
That's the voices I can here
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10 Marvel Villains Still Lurking AVENGERS ENDGAME Trailer Breakdown! 3 weeks ago   11:05

Marvel Villains that can still show up in future MCU movies

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Villains come and go, but some of them have more of an impact than others. Some can get overshadowed by bigger villains and sometimes the heroes never realize that the villain even exists. In the confusion, as the dust starts to settle, there are villains that sneak off, break free or otherwise escape the hero’s grasp, free to lurk around and plot their eventual revenge. Sooner or later they pop back up again, ready to challenge the hero anew, especially in the comics.

Now that comic universes are movie universes, there are some villains waiting in the shadows ready to challenge the heroes again. Some of them were former allies, some of them were sidekicks of some other villain and sometimes they were just plain ol’ bystanders. Either way, they’re potential threats, so here’s some villains still messing about in the MCU.


Entry 1 - SURTUR
Entry 2 - THE LEADER
Entry 4 - MORDO
Entry 6 - MANDARIN
Entry 7 - ZEMO
Entry 8 - RED SKULL
Entry 9 - DORMAMMU
Entry 10 - THE ELDERS


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