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Blue Energy in the Mediterranean Sea - State of Development & Perspective
10th December 2014 Marseille
3nd Capitalisation Seminar of the COM&CAP MarInA-Med
“COMmunication and CAPitalization of the Maritime Integrated Approach in the Mediterranean Area – COM&CAP MarInA-Med” was created by the Med Programme as an horizontal project to take care of the Communication and Capitalization activities of the other 13 projects approved in the frame of the “Integrated Maritime Approach” Call 2014-2015.

Blue energy represents a great potential to answer energy needs, to fight against and adapt to climate change, to achieve the transition to greener energy, as well as to develop innovation and industrial jobs located in maritime territories.
The seminar was the occasion to discuss the state of development and perspectives of marine renewable energies in the Mediterranean basin, as well as the mobilization of financial resources. Discussions was organized on the basis of the works of EU Med Programme projects (e.g. BLUENE, ENERCOAST, SMART-PORT, Med-IAMER, CoRINThos) dealing with blue energies and their environments, in link with on-going debates about key policy developments at EU level in this area through the contributions of EU institutions and European stakeholder organisations representatives.

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