My Nile River Cruise Blue & White Nile - Khartoum 1 day ago   06:54

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Recorded October 31, 2009.

My breakfast cruise down the Nile River in Cairo, Egypt.

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دكتور/شريف سامح
who ceare
خوخة ٠
i wich to go there and see the nile .
donatella massa
Cairo splendida splendida splendida  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Una Italiana che spera di tornare presto  ......Jnsciahllah
Brenna J
What a shame. When I did the cruise in 1978 there were only three tourist boats. I couldn't handle that crowd.
gebrehiwot belay
Do you know It's comes from Ethiopia?
october 22 is my birthday wow u recorded nearly on my birthday,by the way is it true nile river is poisoned?
sannahullah sam
hazrat umer bin khattab made this river flow if he didnt send any later there will be no nile river in cairo this is his faith he gave to egypt mashallah
Egypt is incredible, no other place like it in the world. I've been there 5 times and I intend to return again, I urge everyone to visit Egypt at least once. The land, the sights and the people are wonderful, you will not regret it.
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Blue & White Nile - Khartoum My Nile River Cruise 1 day ago   01:13