Farage warns of the 'final betrayal' Nigel Farage Becomes Passionate 2 days ago   10:02

Sky News
Nigel Farage tells Sophy Ridge that a Conservative-Labour Brexit deal would be a betrayal of the Brexit vote.

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Daniel S Burt
Good God that Sophie Ridge is annoying
man nigel has turned into such a massive cuckhold.
Alan Reynolds
We could all simply stand together in the middle of major highways or junctions for one hour every Monday and Friday morning at 9am right the way across this nation until the people are actually listened to, come on Nigel tell us to act together, my yellow jacket is waiting for that announcement and I am too. Please share and take part. Regards Al x
james smith
Farage caught lying again.
Gary Coleman
She can really pull some faces this one
Gee Smith
I wonder how much she's getting paid for bear face lieing
Gary Holt
Another attempted hatchet job like the interview with Andrew Marr. Fails on both accounts.
Diana Raymond
Why do they want to know where the monies coming from, why don’t they exposed the other parties financial investors, why are they only asking Nigel about this, what are they trying to insinuate?
Nigel’s standing for democracy for our freedom, £25 was well worth the money spent toward this. FREEDOM!
shinichi kudo
Ukip is not racist. Im not white
shinichi kudo
Ukip is the only major party that supports freedom of speech
shinichi kudo
Vote ukip
Peter Aliferis
UK are fools if they stay in the EU! In Greece 20 tons of Peaches in the garbage instead of trade to Russia! Then they wonder why Greece is in financial distress???? EU has treated Greece like a slave! Tyrants in Brussels are liars, greedy and thieves! God bless Nigel! GO BREXIT!
Steve Hodgson
Nigel Farage OK - Sophy ? why can't she keep her mouth shut for a minute and let the man speak.?
Stefan Månsson
It´s so obvious the Sky News "journalist" doesn´t listen to Farage It´s really the definition of "Fake News".
Nigel Farage is absolutely consistent , and is greatly respected for so being.
Go Nigel! We can hear ya. 🇺🇸
Mr bosh
Small donation 100k.
Brian McKinny
Nigel is such a gentleman. When she was pulling some shifty crap trying to make him out to be some kind of racist he just blew her over and stuck to the facts, and she had nowhere to go but to change the subject. Man, the UK media are just as bad, if not worse, than the crappy media here in the States. They all should be ashamed. They're supposed to be journalists, not activists!
Stoddy S
The thing about having the choice to vote for the Brexit Party. All the two faced assholes of all parties will slope off to vote for the Brexit party and stab their own party in the back.
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Nigel Farage Becomes Passionate Farage warns of the 'final betrayal' 2 days ago   07:04

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