Farage warns of the 'final betrayal' * The EU's 'SECRET' Brexit Negotiation 1 day ago   10:02

Sky News
Nigel Farage tells Sophy Ridge that a Conservative-Labour Brexit deal would be a betrayal of the Brexit vote.

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Mark Connor
Farage fake ,fake sky news fake.by by
Gar Sm
450K a year from Aaron Banks ...
Gar Sm
What about the final final betrayal. Would this be the same Farage who supported the Norway option? What an opportunist!
Chris Spiller
Sophy! Stop selling us out, PLEASE.Your interview with (i guess EXPERTS). I can`t be bothered luv
I am only "like"ing this video due to the fact that it shows the utter lack of professional journalism at Sky News being clubbed like a baby seal by Mr. Farage.
Snotty Blunderbuss
This woman has never been north of Watford.Ive been to these northern towns Farage is telling the truth
Snotty Blunderbuss
Who,s funding the rest of the other parties look to them also
Snotty Blunderbuss
Labour is led by a consumate lying Marxist Corbyn
Snotty Blunderbuss
Customs union we voted ,so as not to have a customs union stuff the E U up your jacksie, it is corrupt and ruled by nutters
Tim Lucas
No.we voted to leave ...NO DEAL.....Sky and BBC are so stupid
John Evans
Was Farage right of course he was 29 Brexit MEPs to a party 6 weeks old wait till the GE
Paul Baker
As a staunch remainer Farage the hero what a joke there is more chance of ALIENS landing in Hyde Park than him becoming PM, oh will they ever learn brexit notice the b is well on the ROCKS dead in the water soon.
Les Mobey
Blatant ignorance; sick and tired of all the media operatives asking questions and then giving their answer,espacially the Sky gang of ingrates who love the sound of their own voices.
Eddie Townsend
Tommy has NEVER EVER used the N word ...ever....
Tommy is not racist prove to me that he is and ukip is thriving under gerard batten!
Propaganda News :)
Old Man with the Pale Eye and the Screaming Ear
I always thought that American media is practically the worst in the world... Now I greatly doubt that. UK media seems to crush American media.
Die wilden 80ger Hätte, hätte, Fahrradkette
Where was he for the last 3 yrs.
gary burrows
Sophie needs to do here research or stop lying : -The ethnic composition in Oldham currently stands at 77.5% White, 10.1% Pakistani, 7.3% Bangladeshi and 5.1% 'other'. According to the ONS, Oldham's population is projected to reach 255,200 by 2041 – a 9.2% increase from the 2017 population.Oldham in Profile - Oldham CouncilSo at least 17.4% are black!!!!!   not 1.2% as Sophie said.
John Strong
The 17.4 million who won want out not a stitch up deal
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* The EU's 'SECRET' Brexit Negotiation Farage warns of the 'final betrayal' 1 day ago   05:44