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The Mueller report reveals that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied to the press after President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. Her public claim that "countless" FBI members had lost confidence in Comey "was not founded on anything," she admitted to investigators. CBS News' Errol Barnett joins CBSN with details.

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Yves Augustin
Racism is a mental disease, and that's why Trump supporters still support him. In other words, their cells have yet to take a quantum leap to the next stage. They need several reincarnations to be at a stage of consciousness.
KillaKommie ForyaMommie
So, in other words, when Bobby mule boy was director of the FBI oh, he didn't give a s*** about field agents! LOL
In other news, water is wet.
hum ams
Sarah is a pos who is constantly lying to the american ppl
Frank Griegorian
Yep, just one of the many lie Fests we had with her and the press !!!!!!!😀😁😀
Justa Sarcasshole
0:01 He's trying his best to FAKE that BS accent.
America needed a 2-year Mueller Investigation to tell you that Sarah Sanders is a pathological liar like her Idiot, boss? Lol
Sabisch TruePain
Sarah Sanders,
Liar liar pants on fire🔥
Thomas De Lello
Democrats are mortified over the realization that their darlings Obama and Clinton might just have to suffer the same consequences as Richard Nixon did who had the decency to resign without all this temper tantrum histrionic stuff. I get that and so do independent voters in swing states. Is that clear...??? --- Inter-party espionage in nothing new. That "lovely" FISA Court dossier fraud scam perped by Hillary Clinton herself is ten times worse than anything that ever happened at the Watergate Hotel. It looks like the Democrats are just not big enough to take their medicine... I guess that when you take your methodologies from Saul Alinsky you find some sort of convoluted justification for treason. --- Legal Question: Can Nadler and Schiff et al. be censured like they did to Joe McCarthy in the 1950's...???
gavin brown
You CBS are piers.
gavin brown
You are the liar.
Sarah lies? Shocking! 😂 😂 Countless lies. 😂 Some tongue there. 😂😂
Jimmy Divicio
I’ll punch her in the face for less than 6 months in the big house
Smitten Kitten
#SNL # SNL43
Press Conference / Sarah Sanders
Please stop bringing this women on the news its a waste of time as she always never spoke the truth to the nation & world. She is a liar
Alan Davis
The sky’s blue.
David Rooks
all the ignorant useful idiots here, your master tells you to believe this drivel, and you do
Geribaldi's Games
DANG!!! Mike drop!! Sarah Sanders lied??? No crap Love how this is such a huge revelation. Believe you are about the 30th News org to show this clip - PLEASE FIND A NEW ONE!!!
dennis shady
Rudy Giuliani says it's not against the law to lie to the Press he does it all the time
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Analysis: What does Theresa Mueller report reveals Sarah 1 day ago   12:25

British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced that she will be resigning as leader of her Conservative party on June 7th. In her speech outside Downing Street, May said she had tried her best to honor the Brexit result. She has been under growing pressure to step down over her failure to get MPs to support her Brexit deal. There'll now be a Conservative leadership contest with some of her colleagues already saying they will be trying to get her job.

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