This Family Live In Perfect The 'Most Elusive' Man in North America 2 months ago   12:45

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Bush Babes (2009): Far away from the bustle of modern life, this family have found the ultimate alternative life.

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Since airing, Christian, the eldest son featured in this short, has become a successful world traveller and teaches extreme survival skills in Antarctica. To find out more about his life after growing up at Gorge River, check out his Adventure Travel Blog:
And his YouTube channel here:

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The Long family live as hermits in South Westland, New Zealand. They live in a makeshift hut without even the basics of modern life and have had no contact with the outside world for over 15 years.

Once a young medical student poised for great success, Robert Long decided to relocate his family to the bush. "I wanted to be somewhere where it was all wilderness", he says. Now living amongst the mountains of New Zealand they thrive from a lifestyle that would terrify most people. Of his children, he says "I think they concentrate on what we miss out on, they don't realise how much we have that they don't have."

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Jimi Oob
I wanna go there and live with them lol.. Done with this bullshiet..
It's crazy how much y'all assume that they're unhappy lol I'd be happy as fuck to move away from fucking idiots, Vegans, Activists, BI's, Gays, Transgender aliens confused about their gender, Cause when I was growing up as far as I know we never had very much of either mentioned above.
David Burke
The universe doesn't revolve around humanity. While we plunder the planet for our personal pleasure, this family have chosen to discover a closeness with nature that is honest, humble, and clearly beautiful. Wish I had half their courage.
Seriously disgusting advertisement. (Flex)
I would complain. I sure would not want this trash ad on my video.
Barbara Micek
Their daughter is incredibly beautiful!
Shawn Clarkson
Yeah there not indoctrinated like we are from these crap public schools we go to. All lies were taught you all have no idea even the earth is not what thry tell us. Bible says its stationary and a flat plane with a firmament dome .
Shawn Clarkson
They need to get some sun i mean free vitamin D there pale white
Brajen Kalita
I would love to do the same if I could.....we are racing against each other and destroying the world, this man is doing something great.
Cameron Robertson
Good times!
Irresponsible parents. The kids must socialise with other kids
I feel bad for the children not knowing anyone else, but I don’t feel bad for them having this lifestyle. It’s not perfect, but definitely better than our society at the current moment.

The children should go on a world trip when they’re 18 and decide for themselves what they want
Ven D. iagram
My first reaction was like many, what a selfish dad....making his kids like out his fantasy on some isolated beach. But then thats exactly what 99.9% of "regular" parents are doing: forcing thier kids to grow up in crowded neighborhoods, letting them get addicted to cell phones/electronics, giving them f'd up foods etc....I don;t see how this guy is screwed the contrary.... he's got more courage removing his family from a society that is in decline and killing itself. Read Henry Miller {Tropic of Capricorn" the first three pages of his book summarize why this guy is ahead of all of us.
subtopewdiepie andDax
He red dead up in this bitch
Sam GG
That guy is definitely fucking his daughter
luiz pachú
i smell incest
Khairuzan Dwijayanto
Jim Carrey join chat
joe santana
That Dad is has absolutely insane eyes 👀
Matthew Hernandez
The second the video starts you can see in his eyes there's something wrong
Uriel Perez
They should make a video of their kids going to the city for the first time.
The father wants to save the environment, but the kid keeps decimating those rats. coherent!!
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The 'Most Elusive' Man in North America This Family Live In Perfect 2 months ago   13:55

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