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Bush Babes (2009): Far away from the bustle of modern life, this family have found the ultimate alternative life.

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Since airing, Christian, the eldest son featured in this short, has become a successful world traveller and teaches extreme survival skills in Antarctica. To find out more about his life after growing up at Gorge River, check out his Adventure Travel Blog:
And his YouTube channel here:

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The Long family live as hermits in South Westland, New Zealand. They live in a makeshift hut without even the basics of modern life and have had no contact with the outside world for over 15 years.

Once a young medical student poised for great success, Robert Long decided to relocate his family to the bush. "I wanted to be somewhere where it was all wilderness", he says. Now living amongst the mountains of New Zealand they thrive from a lifestyle that would terrify most people. Of his children, he says "I think they concentrate on what we miss out on, they don't realise how much we have that they don't have."

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poor kids
Joan Pheto
He sounds brainwashed.. I mean the older son..
Jeffrey Gatchalin
their children must be set free
Natalia Wall
the kids deserve to go to school, and have a friendship with other kids their age. they are basically scarred for life.
Lisa Nguyen
If a zombie apocalypse happens they will survive..
Nina Moukimou
i want to be their friend.
Louie Grenoe
Idk it seems pretty messed up that the father is forcing this lifestyle on his kids
subs4yoo Luv
Ok imma just go out and say it. The kids are gonna have some sexual desire at some point in their teen years and I am almost positive something will go on between the son and the sister who are in their teens. There’s no one else in that place except for their family so how they gonna have more family? Well most likely by having ya know what with each other. Brother x sister :/
Jullien Lopez
I feel bad for the kids
we all know there's incest happening right
nova rise
Youth these days are being expose to parties, drugs, social media, video games, etc. A lot of useless crap that brings no self worth. Lucky for them they skipped on all that. Now they're grown adults living worthwhile lifestyle.
Jenn s
Everybody is talking about the creepy stare but what if we are the ones with the creepy stare but because we live in a society where is normalized to look te way we look 👀
Alexandra's World
Idk they seem fine, but the parents should definitely move back into the modern world to give that opportunity to their kids.
Brianna Millan
It’s a bit selfish to hold his kids there, they deserve to choice what kind of life they want
Jeremy H
Their eyes.…
Ilze Grina
Look in their eyes. They are crazed. I am frightened to even think about what is going on in the family behind closed doors.
6:11 wait- wth he was so gorgeous
A Name
The daughter is so pretty oh my
Alice L. Arroyo
It doesn’t matter what people says, what matter is they’re happy and contented for what they have. Looks like they have a good kids. And most of all, they spend time together with no phones, no computer, no tv! They have each other.
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The 'Most Elusive' Man in North America This Family Live In Perfect 1 day ago   13:55

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