Chris D’Elia Becomes Keanu The Only Thing I Like About 1 day ago   05:40

Comedy Central Stand-Up
Chris D’Elia describes how he acts like Keanu Reeves during arguments with his girlfriend and wishes he had the power to make women fart.

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The timing with his punchline and crumbling to the floor is fucking insane
Michael Durgan
Court hair looking strong.
Fucking lost it at the r and b bit
Kin Gonzalez
:/ not funny. Keanu Reeves for clickbait
Delia Rivera
1:30 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
Saky Saky
Robert Smith
Christopher lorenz
"wow" it's so true.. When I have a date and she talks to me and I say wow.. Every time I have a confused look, cause I don't understand the conversation of 2 people, I am part of...
Kaitlyn Levy
why do i love you, also why do i always get tricked into witnessing fart jokes: a memoir
Tony Lombardo
Wut dat eyebrows do tho
Jay Rose
Hate this dude
Genevieve Tran
This is terrible
Lindsay Chenault
Kay. He looks so fucking hot here....that my panties dropped themselves.
mike wingate
I didnt laugh one time. I enjoy standup very much, but he comes off like he is trying to hard and the jokes aren't jokes just more acted out.
AndiRoseSixx6 Andi
Interesting 😆
Gloria Alfert
he's talking to the wrong women because i will fart on you while yelling my ass off at you. My ass and i are a team. We will fuck your shit up together!
Tony Attardo
This tired eagle is kinda funny
Mikey Mike
Pay attention as you watch Everyday People Go on stage and grab a mic like this guy.. Not funny not intelligent not clever and his voice and laugh is kind of shrieking it's weird where he gets his confidence from.. His friends however are pretty funny because Bryan Callen is a natural comedian just like Bill Burr.. You either have it or you don't and the fact is Chris D'Elia may be entertaining but he's not a comedian and he just doesn't have it
Brianna Adair
That’s where you’re wrong, Chris, I can sleep and fart at the same time. 🤗
Beautiful Pollution
So fucken true in the furst bit!
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The Only Thing I Like About Chris D’Elia Becomes Keanu 1 day ago   05:05

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