Top 10 Riskiest Houses In The World! Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World 7 months ago   09:58

Top 10 Riskiest Houses In The World!
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Comments 543 Comments

grandmaster loki
The golden like button doesnt exist
Mohammad Shiraz Ayazai
So sweet video please I want health and safety information.
Richard Patrick
Hey A hole where's the house in the thumbnail?????
Hezron Bryant
Pink-Angel Moon
How is No. 1 Riskier? when the top 10 and the others are more riskier.. what a joke
Wow, this is an interest and very educative video i love all your videos, you are a great man, i want to be like you, please I will be very grateful if kindly subscribe to my channel.
Zaki Tanog
Abu Bakarr Yamba
Wow, #3 the did not exist.
The Gymnast
Most greatesttt thumbnail😑
JJ Guil
Scott Blasius
False advertising
Lonesome Earl
No thumbnail house - Fake News
Ryan Bell
I would have thought a Ted Bundy or Ed Kemp house would have made the list. RiskyyyY!
Rashmi Rekha Swain
Sale dikhata Kuch aur ....aur deta Kuch aur
Jackson Conley
The picture on the front of the video is fake.
Mike Rodriguez
My house is part vw
So I want to see
The thumbnail.
Narendra singh Rathore
Miss Latoof
It’s sooooooo obvious that you photoshopped that house onto the cliff it doesn’t even look real.
what about the hello neighbor act 3/ alpha 4 / alpha 3 / beta house
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Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World Top 10 Riskiest Houses In The World! 7 months ago   12:22