Top 10 Riskiest Houses In The World! Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World 5 months ago   09:58

Top 10 Riskiest Houses In The World!
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Comments 543 Comments

Tamas Raduly
Craig A Russell
# I wanna marry a lighthouse keeper,to keep her company, as long its not a female man...know warra mean..?..😱😱
Where is the home that you have put the video cover on?? Stupid
igithΔ μ
Hahah 'high tea' hahaha
Ian Ewers
The commentator needs to study his subject. Appears to me he has not got a clue.
Youtubers are abusing the thumbnails and Google isn't going to stop them. Also, those transition..meh, stink
Shirley Farrington
walter langston
5 was on ghost hunters one time
Susanna Billson
I don't think #1 house is dangerous, it just full of trash & filthy dirty.
I saw the thumbnail and just cringed
The Romanticist
Lmao the video thumbnail looks photoshopped
mildred webster
Famkima Fka Fka
this vidio is perfect
Toni Siwela
Gigflakes Dog
Homeless man's crib?
Kevin Johnson
The last one would make me sick living beside this guy. The stink, eyesore and you couldn't give it away if you had too. Hording is a sad sickness but you must draw the line before you end up with this.
Mark Manabat
Rhaelanthony Caballero
hey that's my house!!!!
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Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports in the World Top 10 Riskiest Houses In The World! 5 months ago   12:22