Driving a Duramax on JUST RIMS 700HP Duramax Is Almost Ready 5 months ago   09:16

I tried the absolute smallest possible wheels you can run on a truck! Differential drags the ground 😂 Try this at home!

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Jump the truck with duck tape tires
Eddie BoY
Bro u keeep givin that truck hell and never dies lol
This has got to be in Indiana. Lol.
i dont care
What lift is on your truck
Next video idea: you should hook up your exhaust up to your air intake, would be interesting to see what happens
Brad Ives
Must be nice to destroy shit all the time no bills kids stuff like that to worry about I hate retarded people like this
Marco L
Lucky. Wish I had his type of money
Brandon Smith
Is it me or is this kid some kind of special
Swift Handz
10,000 HP😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
An alternative to changing your axle ratio.
thebug 404
try giving your diesel sum propane and see what happens
Let It Reign
Speeding up footage of boost is unnecessary
Brandon Paci
Your wife collects life insurance
Brandon Paci
Then have your wife jump over you exploding.
Brandon Paci
Then you urself jump over your wifes car exploding
Brandon Paci
Then jump ur wifes car over the exploding ford
Brandon Paci
Then jump your ford over the exploding chevy
Brandon Paci
Jump your chevy over an exploding barn.
Brandon Paci
Im pretty sure this kid won the lottery at 18. Or his parents are uber fucking rich.
Caleb zzstu Yonker
Now take them too a tire shop to get mounted
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700HP Duramax Is Almost Ready Driving a Duramax on JUST RIMS 5 months ago   14:21

In this video we get the ol 400k duramax engine back into the truck, until we run into a little hiccup. Never the less, she is almost ready to go and i cant wait!

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