Driving a Duramax on JUST RIMS 700HP Duramax Is Almost Ready 2 months ago   09:16

I tried the absolute smallest possible wheels you can run on a truck! Differential drags the ground 😂 Try this at home!

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Kyle Wood
Mommy and daddy money
David Marchlewski
Paddle tires on the durmax!!!!!
Christina Hunt
That duramax is still better then POS ford truck though
Put Amish buggy wheels on your truck !!!!!!!!!
Black beast
This guy looks like my mechanic he’s German he always does a good job and he has a truck exactly like this one
Ryan Burgess
Bet your amish neighbors love you! 😂😂😂
Cece Fanboii
Who else feels bad for this truck
Anthony Walker
4:30 I thought he was joking until I saw the horse & chariot 😂😂😂😂
Armando Gonzalez
So does this mean you have a monster cock now because of how low it is
Andy B
Where the heck did the blue Ford come from? I thought I watched all the videos and did see it before.
10k HP? Are you kidding me?
Darrell Wellborn
you should make some paddle tiers for the duramax and put some skis on the front so you can see the different's on mud soft dirt sand and snow that wold be cool to see
Chad Isom
All of your videos are just plain dumb....
Adam Bowen
try running no wheels at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antonio Woods
wanna see more of that ford
Phillip Razo
Poor truck
Mr Aaron H
Is that 79 Ford got the 460?
Austin Allmond
Try using random objects as wheels, even if they're not completely round
Logan McElwain
You should put a wheel on, then over the wheel put a wheel spacer or two or three and then another tire and make a ghetto dually😂😂 if you have long enough wheel studs lol
Jeremy trahan
Run some four wheeler tires
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700HP Duramax Is Almost Ready Driving a Duramax on JUST RIMS 2 months ago   14:21

In this video we get the ol 400k duramax engine back into the truck, until we run into a little hiccup. Never the less, she is almost ready to go and i cant wait!

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