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Alessandro Molatore

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ابو علي
الله يرحمهم برحمته الواسعه
big Sami
لا حولا ولا قوةإلابالله
الله يلطف بأخونينا بمصر اخوكم من المغرب
Ahmed Abdallah
اتعودنا على كدا
I'd rather have the dead beside me than the loud disgusting trailer trash who disturb everyone around them 24/7 and don't give a crap.
Susan Gialano
My goodness.. it’s always someone calling out there racist, whatever , racist is everywhere not just against blks , and let me enlighten youuuu... there are blks racist too... so do not act like it’s just whites and theses people ..I personally am not Raciest towards any race , I do not give a Rats Ass who is towards me, I’m happy can’t take that away ,
Ragwa Fouda
This honestly broke my heart
Marcela M.
*death don't you mean
the guy being interviewed at 2:40 said he had 3 kids but the translation says he has 10 kids, wtf?
Memphite Theology
Historically the Jews always kept the camera off the Black Arabs or the original Black Egyptian people... they would only film a person that fit what they wanted people to believe Egypt was. I will never see the world through the eyes of a racist albinoid devil. I hate liars.
Brother Om
great documentary....God is great. film more
tatti salles
It seems that egyptians have more afraid of the living than the dead...
Charlie Arreola
Hi, what is the name of the song at the start of the video?
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Cairo, Egypt Travel Guide Al-Qarafa, The City of the Dead (Egypt, 2 days ago   20:52

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