President Donald Trump Makes Watch Donald Trump's best 2 days ago   08:49

The Root’s Jason Johnson, NBC and MSNBC national affairs analyst John Heilemann, The Bulwark’s Charlie Savage, and President of the National Action Network Reverend Al Sharpton on Trump taking Biden’s bait on the president's controversial comments about the rally in Charlottesville
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President Donald Trump Makes His Own Argument On Charlottesville Worse | Deadline | MSNBC

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Time for trump to go
Randy Laderoute
With all the bs your so called " President " had spewed. The one incedent that stands out is his address to the UN where the world laughed at him for over stating his importance.
The truth is that he answered honestly and when he referred too fine people he made it clear he was talking about the peaceful protectors who did not want the statue taken down not the neo Nazis and other groups which he condemned the fact that people are still talking about this and trying to bring up that he has made it worse for himself by saying Robert E Lee was a great general is just really just a low move. I'm sure President Trump is sick too death of deffending this statement made over two years ago!!! Which is often taken completely out of context if you watch the whole video of him talking about Charlottesville it's pretty clear what he means.
Kyle King
Trump isn't a bad guy. He's just ineffective at his goal of giving the people what they want. He's a crowd pleaser that's misreading the crowd. I feel that if he really wants to reach his audience, at his next interview he should resign from the presidency, apologize for his behavior, and commit seppuku in repentance for his failure. I think it'd be his most popular move yet as president.
hesh 74
Media is campaigning for Biden... showing his full campaign commercial.
Here was Trumps official statement once all the details came out.
Lynn Rose
Trump just proves that he is clueless every time he speaks or tweets.
Karl Karlson
Why does the left hate Trump so much, he has done a good job so far and even fixed Obama's socialist health care.

Edit: maybe some people dont like to see middle class thrive(who knows what "you people" think)... I cant believe im saying this but some of these major news networks should be banned from air due to the mass amount of lies and misinformation that they constantly feed the ignorant people who live in this country.
Mike Houser
I am undecided on who I want to run , Biden looks better and better , but you do have to consider the downside of all of them .
gamer waymer
Look at his pure glee of being able to sit net to Al Sharpton. He can barley contain it. 😂
McKinley Joseph
I’m tired of Trump making Republicans look like idiots
All those countries who came to Paris and Germany violently attacking the Nazis..... You can't deny that. Great General Hitler, everyone knows that.
YS Dagetter
Wake up Blacks in others this is White America y are we surprised this is Trump winning again this is racist times all over u got tocome wit a plan to make ppl more money nobody care about hate nomore get yaself a gun in stay with sumbody
Rogue N P C
Rogue N P C
Lol nice intro with Pedo Joe Biden
Kevin Bergman
Only a Psycho thinks he was right when we all know he is a Nut case a mentally ill person dose not know they are Sick.
kc kazm
What will president trump do after he is no longer president and isnt going to get the attention he get like he does know.
Um who Cares 🤷🏼‍♀️
Halloween Knight
Trumpy dumper insists his response was "perfect".

He lost a record number of staff and gained nothing being such an inferior c*nt.
Trump praising traitors... no surprise
Catherine Vought
Trump is the terrorist-in-chief and lier-in-chief! It's time to get him out of the white house and have the dignity of the American people BACK!
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