Theresa May faces PMQs as pressure In full: Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit, 1 day ago   1:12:48

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James Ross
"pressure for second referendum grows" ...from the Metropolitan elite. Because we bigoted workshy Greggs-loving northern proles made a mistake last time and they're going to ensure we don't get it wrong a second time.
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In full: Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit, Theresa May faces PMQs as pressure 1 day ago   13:08

Speaking to ITV News in Brussels, Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke of his "regret" after eight Labour MPs quit the party on Monday. He added it was "entirely logical" the eight should resign and if they wish to stand again there should be a by-election.

Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson described the party's response to the defectors as a "knee-jerk" and "spiteful" reaction.

When asked about Mr Watson's comments the Labour leader told ITV News his raised the need for by-elections as a "democratic argument".

He said: "I don't behave in a knee-jerk or spiteful way, I simply say if you've been elected to Parliament on a manifesto for the many not the few, which you were in the General Election and you then resign from the party and say you're doing something else because you're an individual who happens to be an MP.

"Surely you owe something to the people that put you there?"

He added: "If you resign, have a by-election and decide whether you or somebody else will be the MP for that area. Surely that's democratic?"

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