How to open and close presentations? - Presentation Preparing for your Thesis Oral 3 months ago   07:37

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In this clip Mark Powell provides best practice tips for opening and closing presentations. Go to to learn more about Mark Powell's course.

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S Shivani
I have a team presentation in the next two days im sooo friken team members are kind of shit lol so I’m even more worried
Sarv Grover
First and last ew minutes of teaching or conversation means a lot.Thanks
Altug Koraltan
Very brief, clear and helpful  Thank you. I like making presentations and the excitement attached to it until I say the first words.
Fea Nielsen
Does anyone know who is his man showing a presentation about teamwork?
Laurent Chukwuma
One of the best videos I've watched on YouTube. This is totally applicable to essay writing as well
Chinue Glasgow
U are a horrible presenter. The first few seconds i got bored, slow, unethusiatic
me: speaking for 5 mins.
video: give priority to the first and last 3 mins of the presentation.
Ahmed Abubakar
short and precised
Nobody wants to hear from a robotic presenter. And I have no time for a little personal story or an ancient philosopher. I want to hear the data, hear it quickly and I want it to be perspicacious. People have work to get back too
Nomfundo Gcaleka
Oh my gosh! I used this method today and it worked like a charm! Thanks so much!
Seerabtaa Channell
Thanks for your idea succeed full
MGang TV
Gang !
feifei xu
thx so much, super cool!
Areeb Irshad
Completely worthy of my time and totally practical. Thank you!
Watching this video to prepare myself for the presentation at Grand Hyatt Hotel. Thanks a ton for this video.
Islam Allosh
Awesome! Thank you.
WHAT ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW@$!$$%#
Alamgir TechBD
many many thanks for your good video
Paul Murray
Great video, thanks for sharing your advice and some great examples.
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Preparing for your Thesis Oral How to open and close presentations? - Presentation 3 months ago   09:19

PhD students are required to sit an oral examination, called a viva voce, as part of the assessment procedure for their degree. This video lecture gives an idea of what can be expected and tips on how to prepare for the oral exam.