How to open and close presentations? - Presentation Presenting & Public Speaking Tips 5 months ago   07:37

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In this clip Mark Powell provides best practice tips for opening and closing presentations. Go to to learn more about Mark Powell's course.

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Raihanah Mydin
This was a very clear and focused discussion on the topic. Great examples too. Thank you for sharing.
Andy Anderson
Gotta ask - are those actual presenters being a bit too earnest, or just mediocre actors pretending to be presenters? Either way the points about what kinds of things to say are valid.
zeppelinova io
Who is here reading comments instead of watching the video
Sharon Terrelli
When they started there presentation they didn't even say what it was about. :/
arvind dixit
Perfect I have seen other but this is the best one sir!!
Gemechu Lemecha
thank very much good teaching video
salma chaali
Thank you so much that's really great work *-* I need that because I'll present my dissertation next month
A. F.
Their content was strong but their personalities were nonexistent. Most of the presenters were lifeless and boring. No emotion or energy... The bearded guy was the only one who did not appear robotic.
Ria Sismani
Thank you a lot...Amazing tips and pieces of advice in the way how we do our presentations... I recommend to all of you to see this video!!!
Samhit Vallabheneni
this is so good
Mary Kiruba Rani
Is there anyone who have access to check plagiarism in turnitin ?
Daniele Iannarelli
The content structure of the opener and closer, I can see as being very important, and I concur completely.

However, generally, although hand gestures can be acceptable where appropriate, there were far too many in all examples. They served only to distract to varying degrees.

It’s important - along with well-structured openings and endings - to convey the information well. In this way, I felt the woman with the frizzy, curly hair was best... she was a little more animated and made her content interesting with the correct *natural* inflections etc. I’m afraid I wasn’t impressed at all with the others... they sounded too rehearsed and almost stilted.
Samar Marketing
Incredible video
roth ellen
Great introduction I will follow my best
you know what also helps? Ironing your shirt.
Regis Gowe
a lesson lent .Thank you
webster munsanje
i like this, thank you , have taken some ideas.
Muhammad Furqan Asif
ernst haft
nice curly milf
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Presenting & Public Speaking Tips How to open and close presentations? - Presentation 5 months ago   06:11

Tips on how to improve your Presentation & Public Speaking skills & confidence.

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