BOLTR: Hydraulic Vane Pump Mind Blowing Machines So Amazing 2 months ago   18:29

Disassembly and explanation of a variable displacement vane pump.
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Lawson Palmer
Those vanes on the shaft reminded me of rotary apex seal nightmares.
This video reminded me About VGT systems in diesel turbos and it’s so fregin cool you should dabble
"Brother Bear"? Is this a playmate for Chickadee?
Sean Pier
Like an air motor but the fluid is oil. Neat!
Brian White
A little late to the party here.. Just want to add that typically leakage in compensated pumps returns to the case and then tank via the drain (DR) port. The Vickers style cartridge vane pumps don't have a drain port and leakage becomes a part of the pump inlet side. The adjustment screw 90deg from the compensator might be used as a tuning adjustment for noise as its sometimes called a thrust screw. Max volume adjustment screws are typically 180deg from the compensator on vane pumps. Cheers, Fellas.
Jared Schwebel
Shaft size would be a limiter on the amount of torque you can get out of that little pump compared to a motor with a beefy shaft
Michael Bishop
Cool. I wonder if they make a final drive small and cheap enough for you to gently tap apart with the shop x-ray?
_Fully lubed _*_Techno Porn!_*
Mark Van Note
"Fired up the tooth chipper" Holy cow I am still laughing.
Looks like the pumps from a Marvel 2125 bandsaw.
Hunter Anano
Uncle bumblefuck what does boltr mean?
so are you pro or anti vax? lol could not tell by that statement
Josh Rosemore
Mmmm makes me moist
13:34 is slightly wrong; Pressure equals Force/Area
Therefore reducing the area actually increases the pressure
Had to jump through hoops to get to the video. I am subscribed and I have rang the fucking bell. But for some reason they’re not putting your videos on my page. &$#…¥§* aristocrats!
The US is basically a less developed "shithole" compared to Canada (political scientists don't really say "third world" anymore, since the Cold War is over and it doesn't make sense anymore). American citizens are just too uneducated/untraveled and prideful to admit it.

Said as an American, btw. Canada just has it together way more than we do. Not having a bunch of childish libertarians who want to destroy the State makes a big difference in a polity.
Patrick O'Neal
P = F / A I'm sure you know, I just didn't want what you said getting stuck in peoples head. Making a perfect video with this much knowledge isn't easy. Thank you for all that you've given us!
I have a question, I have a simplicity PowerMax 1450 large loader tractor, if I use the front hydraulics to much the O-rings burst off in fluid goes all of the barn wood do you think something could be wrong with the plate that controls the flow? It does have a vein pump and all new cylinders.
Jordan M
Best comment in the video "get yer fukin head out of yer ass parents!" Having your kid die from a preventable disease is far worse than the kid being sick for a few days after their shots. Love the vids. Keep up the good work!

AvE: just stick a little air and there and give er a...

Me: Chooch

AvE: Chauch

Me: Hahahahaha
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Mind Blowing Machines So Amazing BOLTR: Hydraulic Vane Pump 2 months ago   13:22

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