The Cars of The World’s Richest CEOs TOP 10 FASTEST CARS IN THE WORLD 2019 1 day ago   10:45

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Ever wonder what the world's biggest CEOs are driving? Wonder no more. Here are the amazing cars of the richest people and CEOs in the world.

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The Cars of The World’s Richest CEOs

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AlmostfaKe Corporation
I think I am rich.
Ty Cram
If I was a billionaire
Ty Cram
I would have a nice car collection
Alex Beck
When he was talking about Bill Gates, I got a Chromebook add SMH.
Hasan Nasser313
That's why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor
Alejandro Huerta
Now let’s see them live in a modest two bedroom house. Lol. Then I’ll be impressed.
Angela Merkel
What does bill says to trick2g?
Open D Gates
Sam B
I'd say the real Frugal billionaire is the owner of Ikea. He's truly a frugal person representing the whole mentality if Swedes.
sayou neversee
rich people remain rich because they act poor and poor people remain poor because they act rich
king bee
Why wouldn’t they cash out on some cars like it would affect their billions of dollars
Jelle Geertsema
Uzair Ali
this is what pisses me off. we have wonderful old people ( and some fairly young) who are billionaires and do not show off their wealth. then u have young spaztics like lil pump and six nine who are only millionaires but show off and brag about their wealth as though they are part of the big leagues. like they literally make songs about what company clothing they wear. clearly all corrupt money
mystery MAN
It's great to see all these humble peeps
benz merc
2:57 the same piece of shit who hates the idea of people having a car with a v8 and ac, a house with ac and individual transportation, not to mention a world with much fewer people.
All of these god damn hypocrite clowns anti humanity pieces of shit make me sick to my stomach.
Bean Soup
how about civic
Brian Palay
6:04 "None of them break the bank in any way." Shows $1.4 million Pagani Huayra.
TwentyOne ToOne
I like how Bill Gates gets his car collection shown off, while Jeff Bezos' 20m+ car collection isn't mention, except for an old Honda Accord. Shitty click bait journalism.
I Hate people
I would let any of these people take a hour long dump in my mouth for 2/3 of their income.
S VHousen
“I fuck people over by not paying every single one of my employees enough/decently, I become a billionaire, but I am soo down to earth. I drive a car that only costs 60k (but own a private jet/helicopter/mega yachts/ car collection) and I donate to charity ( only for those beautiful deductions that I get on top of all the other deductions for existing) praise me for being so humble
I'm pretty sure they're driving these cars just for show, it's like a reverse competition. In reality they probably don't even drive.
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TOP 10 FASTEST CARS IN THE WORLD 2019 The Cars of The World’s Richest CEOs 1 day ago   10:25

I listed '' TOP 10 FASTEST CARS IN THE WORLD ''. There are cars of companies like Tesla, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Hennessey, Koenigsegg, SSC (Shelby), Rimac. I hope you'll enjoy watching it, if you do you my want to




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