The Cars of The World’s Richest CEOs The Insanely Expensive Life of Birdman 2 days ago   10:45

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Ever wonder what the world's biggest CEOs are driving? Wonder no more. Here are the amazing cars of the richest people and CEOs in the world.

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The Cars of The World’s Richest CEOs

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Tito 123
Warren buffet is truly the most humble man on earth
Martin From Strufve
What people miss, is that they way to become rich, is to save up, save up and save up. Don't spend money on stupid shit. That's what these people did.

PS: Ignore the dubai cousin Al haahamramrarm something.... Its dubai... There is no word called "saving"
Andy Thomson
Not that I can afford anything worth talking about. $40k -$50k on a vehicle is plenty for me. I like to use things. Even toys, cheap toys vs expensive toys. I would say they are both usually equally fun. I do respect those looking humble. They are perfectly entitled to do what they wish, but I think being humble speaks well to ones character.
Filip Poutintsev
This video shows how some billionaires have terrible taste.
Fuck me lol Ivang - coach, cheap motels, old car, shit cafes - fuck sakes use your money lol dont be so selfish... who the fuck goes overseas to get their haircut cheaper because it'll save a few dollars? Fucking old git.
Michael Hummel
Dude I don't fucking care about the normal ass cars they drive. Nobody does! If I want to see a Honda accord I just need to look out of the window. I want to see what expensive cars they drive!
Tică Streulea
Phantom at 246k :))) you don’t know what you’re talking about.
Jeffrey Mercedes
Now life’s are put a number
Jose Lico Matozo
Joselico gracias Dois 🙏🇺🇸🛠🔥⭐️🦅Josematozo🇺🇸🛠🔥⭐️Joselico 💪🏻
Κώστας / Kosta
Zucc isnt a human and nobody can change my mind
Muhd Zaki
I just wish that i own a toyota
7:51... try doubling that number
ceo golden gs
X내가 어떻게 두 가지 언어로 말 할까
If I had $100B I would buy a Mercedes maybach and that’s it
Nice clickbait cunts
Nathanial Vessels
Great video , thanks alot, Keep up the good work
Title should be: Dumbass billionaires not knowing what to do with their own wealth
It shows a reverse correlation between their car values and their smartness
Faris Hayek
The "Car collection" mentioned for Bill Gates (at 2.58) actually isn't Bill Gates' collection, that collection is know as The Collection 1 and belongs to a Bahraini entrepreneur and sits in Bahrain; you'll even notice the license plate on the La Ferrari has the Bahraini plate...nice image you found online, but Fake news.
why is there a growl at the end of every sentence
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The Insanely Expensive Life of Birdman The Cars of The World’s Richest CEOs 2 days ago   09:47

In 2017, Forbes listed rapper Birdman at having a net worth of 110 Million Dollars. That seems like enough money for a lifetime for any of us but Birdman hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down on his spending anytime soon. Here’s The Insanely Expensive Life Of Birdman. Let’s see what he’s spent his money on.

#5 - His Maybach Exelero
Although we didn’t think that Birdman’s car collection could get any more grand or higher in value, he goes out and purchases a Maybach Exelero in 2011. The stunning car pictured here was uploaded to his social media account saying that he was going to paint it red when it arrived. This impressive beast can go from 0 to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds and its top speed is 218! How much did he pay for this incredible vehicle? $8 million dollars. That’s a lot of dough for a car!

#4 - Mega Mansions For Music Videos
The fortress pictured below is a real place and not a concept drawing of an epic palace. You can, in theory, actually buy it too, if you have a little over $10 million to spare. This insane three-story home has just about everything you could imagine to find in a mega mansion of this proportion. It was designed and built by Miami architect Charles Sieger and you might recognize it because Birdman rented it out to film his music video, “Fire Flame.” This gorgeous fortress houses eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a six car garage, multiple swimming pools, and the entire thing is equipped with private elevators. Although he can certainly afford it, Birdman only rented this massive complex which is a bill that would probably give us a heart attack. For him, it’s just another crazy day in the insanely expensive life of Birdman.

#3 - His Clothing Line - Respek
It would definitely take a person like Birdman to turn a horribly embarrassing situation into another source of profit. In April of 2016, the famous rapper was very rude and stormed out during a hip-hop radio show called The Breakfast Club. During the live interview, he cussed at the hosts and yelled things like “put some respek on my name.” After a few viral videos were made of the toddler like tangent, like he looks in this picture taken from the interview, Birdman came back to publicly apologize. He later went on to launch a merchandise line called “Respek” which features catchphrases from the interview so you can wear his words now and pay him for it. Like the hat in this picture. Respek the hustle, right?

#2 - Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC
Only an uber rich mogul would even dream of starting an oil company, and Birdman seemingly fit the bill. It’s pretty obvious that some of the richest people in the world own a lot of land that produces oil, and since oil is clearly making people rich, a serial entrepreneur like Birdman couldn’t let a cash cow like that go unmilked. In the early months of 2010, Birdman and his brother, pictured here, joined forces once again to create a company called Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC. The company name came from a combination of the two brother’s first names, Bryan, and Ronald. Over the next few months, the only evidence of this “business” was a website and a pump jack tattoo freshly inked on the side of Birdman’s head. In February of 2010, Birdman had even told Ozone magazine that he had been in the oil business already for the past several years. Not long after the addition of the skull tattoo, rumor started to spread that it wasn’t going so well for Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC. Even though it seemingly failed after a reveal from Bloomberg, it is a bold move that could only have been pulled off by a person with no fear of spending money.

#1 - A Gift For His Girlfriend
As far as we know, Birdman is still dating the beautiful Toni Braxton and by now, we’ve seen just how much he cares about her. In 2016, he made sure she knew his feelings when he bought her the $250,000 Bentley Bentayga SUV pictured here. It wasn’t because of a birthday or an anniversary, and it certainly wasn’t a holiday. He just bought her a 2017 SUV because he FELT LIKE IT. Are you kidding us? We’d be totally thrilled to be surprised with a much cheaper car, on a holiday. To a normal person, a car is a long time investment whereas to rich people like Birdman, they’re as easy to buy as a box of crackers. It must be nice.