Watch Theresa May clash with Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn clash 7 months ago   1:02:21

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m eros
Can someone explain what is going on to an American?
pink Candy
bobby zee
she needs to be kicked out
Mr Touchene
POLAKS time to go home, I'm sick of you all
Deb Long
Mendacity and obfuscation ...... #GTTO
pega1 ag
It the government have done this ie may and Hammond
pega1 ag
U and Hammond onley wot power if Hammond got 25million why is he working power
Imsook Yoo
Thank you, That we can understand, your English. Tis great to listen.
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Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn clash Watch Theresa May clash with 7 months ago   10:15

Theresa May was greeted by EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker (pictured top) ahead of a 30-minute speech to EU leaders that could make or break the stalled talks. But their embrace seemed perfunctory, with barely a word spoken as they exchanged air kisses. And the bloc has ramped up the tension by highlighting the disruption of negotiations collapsing. A draft law published by French president Emmanuel Macron (pictured right today) makes clear Britons will need visas to visit the country if there is no agreement - and ex-pats will be classed as 'illegals'. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (pictured inset in Berlin) warned life will be 'different' for the UK outside the EU as she said her government is 'seriously' preparing for talks to fail. The sabre-rattling came as Mrs May faced a series of jibes from Brexiteers and the DUP over fears she is going to make more concessions. At PMQs this afternoon, Mrs May insisted the negotiations were making 'progress' and denied her Chequers plan for future trade is 'dead'. But she warned that she would not compromise too far to end the standoff over the Irish border 'backstop'. Mrs May will hold crucial private talks with Donald Tusk, Mr Juncker and Leo Varadkar before her speech this evening. She is hoping to pave the way for a breakthrough - but the chances of any real advances at the gathering in Brussels seem to be close to zero.

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