China's growth slows to lowest The unknown facts about US-China 7 months ago   07:01

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China's economic growth has slowed to its worst level since the global financial crisis. Beijing released its first quarterly GDP report since tit-for-tat tariffs began with the US, but domestic issues are likely at fault for the slowdown, as FRANCE 24's correspondent Charles Pellegrin explains. Also today, the French unemployment agency is trying out an unconventional recruiting strategy for jobseekers.

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Boycott Chinese goods
Roger Kim
Still better than France. Even yellow vests need to be imported from China. Shame, Shame, Shame.
Steve G
everything coming from china is fake even their growth numbers lol
Chloe Wang
ChinaGDP growth rate (2009)
9.2% annual change
9.4% annual change
Chloe Wang
But 2009 was crazy fast. 2009 was growing double digits.
The U.S is suffering 3 x time than China
luci78 Cozma
Not 6,6 how it was forecast it’s 6,5% You dump heads was just a forecast. And the margin is well done in fact. Below the forecast just a bit the end of the year will be similar probably and the first quarter of 2019 will be very high and over the forecast. To many people stop themself to buy things from now on and before Chinese New Year they will spend the money and travel. It’s just normal guys which don’t know china ! !!!! The stock markets never reflect the real Chinese economy !
Francisco Islas
I like these reporters they seem very honest and forthcoming
garen demacia
if france no any shame?china =5 france
Zachery Francis
I was going to say that! How can you trust these numbers? It's a Communist Government! You know they're lying about the numbers!
P C Huang
more like 2.6%, to be honest with you. anyhow, just watch what will happen after the new year.
Dheeman Das
India doing best with fastest growing gdp
The Mythbuster
6.5% GDP growth in the 3rd Quarter results. China is on track to achieve its 6.6% annual GDP growth.
And the West are predicting the end of the world. 👎👎
Prasit Koysiripong
6.5% is still high.
Lola Babur Ali
Consequences of serving Satan👏
Alpesh Choriya
We indian with USA China looting world wake up world
Alpesh Choriya
USA win this trade war
US Of Zion
Fake news from France just like all western snakes trying to smear China.
Alphonse Menkefor
Trump’s tariffs bitting?
Raymond Payette
6.5% growth. Golly miss Molly, this is horrible!
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The unknown facts about US-China China's growth slows to lowest 7 months ago   26:31

While trade tensions with China escalate, the US keeps complaining that it has suffered losses because of trade deficits. But is it true? Is global trade so simple that deficits or surplus can explain it once and for all?
To answer these questions, CGTN looked at information from households, factories and experts’ opinions, together with data analysis, to present you with a comprehensive interpretation of China-US trade.

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