The 24 hours that changed Brexit: Nigel Farage: May's Brexit 2 days ago   02:59

The Independent
The last 24 hours will have huge implications for Brexit, with major news from the House of Commons and the European Court of Justice that will shape what happens to Britain in the coming months...

The Independent's Chief Political correspondent John Rentoul explains what happened in regards to Brexit these past few days.

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Girish Venkatachalam
Brexit is final nail in the tottering economic power and political reach of England
I dont understand. Wouldn't it be a good thing if Britain closed its borders. Keeping out those that wish to do it further harm?
Gisela Tipan
I voted for remain however I believe the country has spoken and we must respect their decision, just get on with it. There's no point in arguing anymore.
Alanna Fox Starks
So i watched this twice and still have no freaking clue what just happened.. aren't the people voting actually considered "the government"..?? This is more confusing than American politics. So does this mean Brexit is happening..? Or will English remain in the European Union?
Victoria Pires
Britain probably thought europeans were going to give them all the good stuff that comes with the EU without any of the bad suff...
Farhan Ramadhan
Whelp! Time to abandon ship! Lol
Auttie B
You're fired! Theresa May is no longer relevant, she is a traitor
i speak american english. and holy shit listening to uk people speak english its like you guys talk but without saying anything. TLDR this video pls...
American here.

The government was defeated... By itself?
Nguyen Monat Son
politics man, its mad in czech republic too
crzy J
EU is fucked when they let in the influx of ignorance and having a "royal family" who has not given a shit about their own people for decades now. If you dont fight for your country back you deserve it all.
Mr Hero
Brexit is kinda like a guy in a group of friends who thought to himself "These people are all assholes" and said he wanted to leave while drunk. Then when the rest of the group insisted that yes, he should leave, he figured out that he was the asshole of the group all along.
Vaping Eagle
The eu will collapse sooner or later, who cares, it's just a matter of time.
Ayad Abed
You voted for it, so there you go. Accept the consequences :)
shows how little knowledge such a rich country has over how the EU fucks poorer ones like hungary. how about increasing your self sufficiency and governing yourselves? no, of course not.

PS how can corruption be fought when it's not happening in your country but in a centralized manner somewhere? you literally can't.
Doug Shaw
Didn't this pass years ago, only to be somehow magically erased?? What happened to THAT vote??
Doug Shaw
Brits better wrest control from your tyrannical leadership! Bring in all the cows from the country, and overrun the city. When May is knee deep in poop, she may become more reasonable.
further proof why a Female Prime minister is a bad idea, Margret Thatcher was the exception, not the rule.
Ewa Engie
You will get out from this "midge podge" if and only if ALL EU MEMBERS STATES AGREE FOR IT . And I hope they finely get to them heads brain stems and claim long awaited FREEDOM AND LIBERATION FROM TYRANIE OF YOURS SICK SUSTEM.
Farrage or however one spells his name is such a typical populist. Once the ship starts sinking he is already out in the rescue boat rowing away at full speed. Theresa May is just a pawn, a sacrificial lamb that will soon be slaughtered to cover up the mishap called Brexit that the populist politicians pushed in order to boost their own agenda (become more popular) but never expected for things to go that far.
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Nigel Farage: May's Brexit The 24 hours that changed Brexit: 2 days ago   05:55

Former U.K. Independence Party leader sounds off on the prime minister's agreement with the E.U.

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