North Cliffs Failure - Amazing Bizarre ‘Lava-Like’ Landslide Tears 2 days ago   00:50

Active Coastal Erosion in Cornwall. See 'North Cliffs 3hrs Later' video on my channel also. Very lucky to witness 1000's of tonnes of rock falling into the Atlantic!

Thanks for all of your positive comments, sorry I can't reply to them all individually. Hopefully I can answer most of the FAQ's now....
The failure occurred at about 5pm on Friday 23rd September 2011. It took place on the North Coast of Cornwall. There were only a few people watching, with about the same number of inquisitive seals in the water! There were lots of 'small' failures just before the main event. This appears to be a progressive failure, the frequency and size of the smaller failures increased until the inevitable happened. The sound was incredible, those cliffs are about 150-200ft high. I'd been chatting to the couple mentioned in the clip only a few minutes before the footage was taken. They can just be seen walking away in the distance; the path had been fenced off and diverted, so they were quite safe. An amazing sight, and credit to R who took the video, I still can't stop revisiting it! Thanks again for all the comments, who says Geology isn't an exciting subject?!. Oh, & finally..... I'm happy to report that no seals or humans were hurt in the filming of this clip! ACSM(93)

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Jorge Callico
There's a hiking trail I'm sure glad I wasn't on...
Right place at the right time.
Love the chick,wife,girlfriend screaming.
Maui Randall
And there's always some sexist bs in any video even featuring even a noise from a women (and/or racist but we can't see anyone's race so there's *less* of that)
Maui Randall
Thanks so much for posting this I have literally never seen a normal Cliff collapse
If you happen to stay around the same location I would absolutely love to see it now
Jade Snell
Ugh, why do you call it a failure if it is a natural occurrence?
He should have pushed that screaming broad off the cliff!
Was there some 1 on the cliff before it broke?
vinnie nazarian
Why do women scream for no reason ..2nd most annoying thing on earth them benefit of doubt on what's 1rst
Jim Blalock
who's the cackling wench?
How did they know the cliff was gonna collapse at that particular time?
robert howard
Leave the screaming b-0tch at home next time..
robert howard
Always some b-tch shreiking..
Danny B
Great camera control.
Usually amateurs take their eyes off the camera to watch the event, so camera will point out of view of event, then they try to refocus after the event.
This is good....
Matt Attwell
Enough with the screaming
Extremerecluse Fallows
Just happened to be there. What are the odds?
Someone should have given her a reason to scream --- like toss her over the edge.
Why is there always a screaming gobshite on youtube vids?
Henrik Thor
Who is the screaming bitch?
Steven Kimball
Thus, the beginning of a process that will take over one million years to complete. A process of metamorphism in which surface material is swept into the sea eroded and carried by currents to the abyss to be compacted into sandstone. Another addition to the ever forming techtonic plates. Someday a million years from now this very same material will once again rise from the sea transformed into metamorphic rock embedded as a new coastal mountain range
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Bizarre ‘Lava-Like’ Landslide Tears North Cliffs Failure - Amazing 2 days ago   01:53

A thick stream of mud and grass slides down a sweeping mountain landscape in a video shared widely on Chinese social media.
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Unlike some sudden landslides, this mass oozes like lava. Scientists can only speculate what caused the phenomenon, but may it be an effect of thawing permafrost, documented elsewhere in the region. Read more about the dramatic landslide:

Bizarre ‘Lava-Like’ Landslide Tears Through Hillside | National Geographic

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