Ancient Egypt Geography – Nile Ancient Egyptians are Descendants of Atlantis 5 months ago   05:44

Voices of Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt Geography – Nile River Valley and Nile Delta

Did the ancient Egyptians live in the middle of the desert? Yes and no.

In this video, we’ll talk about ancient Egyptian geography and where most ancient Egyptians lived – the Nile Valley and Nile Delta and discuss what the environment was like in these areas. Was it dry desert? Was it wet? Find out in this video.

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Good introductions to ancient Egypt with very solid sections on ancient Egypt’s geography:

☥Salima Ikram, Ancient Egypt: An Introduction -

☥Douglas Brewer and Emily Teeter, Egypt and the Egyptians -

A more detailed history:

☥Marc van de Mieroop, A History of Ancient Egypt -

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very helpful but now i got to work on
Zeca Afonso
No mention that Nile changed its course before having a south->north orientation?
joseph oliver-lynch
Bad video
Charles Harrington
im doing a project on this now :(
Dan Seto Is a God
Boi is Krishna here
10/10 ign
Evangeline L
A lot of people in my class is watching this video now so hi people! I’m Evangeline!
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Ancient Egyptians are Descendants of Atlantis Ancient Egypt Geography – Nile 5 months ago   13:52

Atlantis - The Lost Empire with the most advanced knowledge in the history of mankind. Atlantis’ capital city was elaborately constructed, where great temples and palaces were erected, adorned by exotic gardens made of silver, gold and, ivory. Sonchis further described the capital of the Atlantean empire as being made of massive walls, which in turn were surrounded by circular islands protecting the inner citadel of the metropolis.
But, let’s hold on there for a sec and look at what Plato had to say about Sais, Atlantis and the priest who allegedly introduced the world to Atlantis.

Atlantis in Egypt According to the Ancient Egyptians from ArchaicMysteries:
ArchaicMysteries channel:

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