Man With Concealed Carry Permit Walmart Cashier Freaks Out About 2 days ago   02:02

Jan. 28th

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Cops HATE for civilians to be carrying guns or knives. What a bunch of pussies smh.
Clark Cartwright
Another perfect example of a cop that was picked on when he was a kid and know to fill like a man he has to hide behind a badge to be come a man but deep down he knows when he looks in the mirror every morning he’s still a punk
Hill Shepherd
Here it is : " I got a badge I own you " !!!!!!!!! Border Patrol, city village cops, sheriffs, FBI, Even security guards (sometimes). No matter what , it's : try to scare, & own the citizen !! Who's paying their salary by the way.................. It's going to end in a civil war, Americans won't stand for it much longer.
Mr. Mark
What an idiot cop
Clearly an abuse of power by the cop
Captain cope
Wife and mini van driving menace to society!

This cop is a real sleuth, promote him to Detective!
Leonardo Quiterio
telling him to put his hands on the car is warranted he could reach for it if he was a criminal then when the officer felt the situation is safe he can ask him if he has a permit what i dont get is the arrest
lee lunk
Gerrid Hodges
Man that cop is really stupid. He can't make up his mind if he wants the guy standing or laying down.. Where does he want his hands lol. I really don't understand how these people end up in law enforcement. Its like when they go to training no one catches this guy is an idiot just saying.
Let me start with this officer over reacted plain and simple. Now let me say this, as a concealed weapon holder in Florida, when pulled over while carrying concealed never get out of the vehicle. Stay in the vehicle with both hands in plain view and on the steering wheel. When officer approaches immediately notify him that you have a concealed weapon permit and that you have the gun on you. Then ask how does the officer want to proceed. Follow directions, as long as they are lawful, of how to get your ID and permit to show him. Pretty simple and yet not giving up any of your Constitutional rights.
Neg Ayisien
Did he just say "I'll shoot you in the fucking back" to the guy?
Thugs with badges.
This cop or wannabe cop should have lost his job to stupid to be in law enforcement this man showed 0 threat and was treated like a common thug. I’m all for being able to sue cops personally and go after their pensions. You are10 times more likely to die at the hands of an uneducated cop than a terrorist
Robert Jones
Police are pussies... So what... Someone has a gun. Why don't you run his permit first to see if he's lying. Know the facts before acting like a douche-canoe! It's not illegal to own a fucking gun... So why overreact when you see a gun? Fucking bullshit cops. Fucking stupid ass people.
John R. Timmers
Yeah if you get pulled over while carrying with a ccw you don't move, you tell officer you have a ccw and are carrying, you don't move, don't do a thing until they tell you. Keeps them calm and everyone safe
Jim Gregory
Deputy Cox needs to find another profession.
Sleeve Of Wizard
You stay in your secured locked vehicle when dealing with these barbaric criminals we call law enforcement. Dont answer ANY questions. Everything they need is on your government issued drivers license. FTP!🙋
Frank Hagen
17 seconds into the stop he gets out of his car without being told? That’s the first thing he did wrong.. and then not notifying the officer he is permitted to carry.. and then swings his arms around. Did it to himself..
Ben Mercer
It's unreal the complete and utter lack of common sense in some of these cops.
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Walmart Cashier Freaks Out About Man With Concealed Carry Permit 2 days ago   05:59

Walmart Cashier Freaks Out About Open Carry In Virginia

I was checking out at the WalMart in Roanoke Virginia, The Valley View Ghetto Mart, not known for the best caliber of customers and not known as the best piece of real estate in Roanoke, when the cashier finally noticed I had a Glock 19 on my side holstered in a Blackhawk Serpa.

She ask me if I were a police officer which I replied "no". She said she didnt think I was supposed to have a gun in the store and says she has to check with the manager.

Ive carried in the same store literally hundreds of times without problems. Never a stare, except from a thug wannabe once in a while... your typical average citizen doesnt even give it a second glance.

A couple of times Ive even seen other customers performing open carry, making the statement "I will not be a victim, give me peace and yield to me without violence", as is the typical statement we that open carry wish to convey.

The line was LONG, and this lady walks away from her cash register, obviously shaken, to get the manager. She was so shook up she dident even lock her register. She FINALLY comes back 5 or more minutes later, which is more or less where the video starts up.

She returns WITHOUT the manager, obviously he said (the manager) I was doing nothing wrong and there was nothing he (the manager) could do about it. Instead, she recruited some "body guard" to protect her. I was insulted at her language, attitude and actions, and even more so she went so far as to recruit a BODY GUARD!

Does this lady think a clean cut American that is open carrying with a holster, is some kind of criminal or terrorist?

New York resident, well... that answers the missing question... where did you get this condescending attitude??

In conversation I tried to educate her, when she cut me off to correct me. I told her she was mistaken, that in Virginia we have the right to open carry and with a permit to concealed carry, and in Virginia it was a very well exercised right.

The line behind me had to wait, and wait, and wait, it was around 15 customers long.

The kind lady behind me even spoke up to issue correction to the cashier, but she (the cashier) would have none of it.

The cashier was seriously shook up, so much that she couldnt even perform her duties, she actually MISSED scanning some items, which is seen in the video.

Keeping a professional demeanor goes a long way when dealing with the uneducated public. Although Im sure I didnt change her "mind", at least I didnt look like a idiot at the conclusion of our encounter.

Open carry is a right, protected by the United States Constitution, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Concealed carry is on a "shall issue" rule, and also a protected right in VA.

It is your individual right AND choice to carry or not. I prefer to carry, often open and often CCW. I carry with the intent to protect myself and my family, and in the extreme
event of an emergency, the innocent that are in my presence.

Know your rights! Protect your rights!
"A right not exercised is a right that is lost!"