China's economy grows by 6.6 percent China's Ghost Cities 6 months ago   02:34

China's gross domestic product (GDP) topped 90 trillion yuan in 2018, and the economy grew by 6.6 percent in 2018, compared to 6.9 percent a year earlier, according to the country's National Bureau of Statistics. Ning Jizhe, Commissioner of National Bureau of Statistics discussed the national economic performance in 2018 and released key indicators during the press conference on Monday.
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Tony Chong
Kick ass performance , congratulations to the mighty China.
Darlene Sjostrom
Three times the grow of the US, and the US will just continue to dive!
Bruce Chernovaski
Keep up the good work China! You are in transition to a new phase to rise in the production chain. I hope you every success in doing so!
Marcus Thomas
This seems completely believable and not at all staged.
Tristan X
The citizen, civilian, people of the population should worry if it's government are not worrying:
Look at the government of India, they are not active, meaning the government of India is worry-free, laid-back, let the sky fall attitude regarding the future of India.
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen
Trump’s trade wars has now topped $13 billion, and this hasn’t even been going on for a full year yet. Trump still obsesses for the walls.
Suyetno Suyetno
this is why china is stupid. there is still 200million chinese back home unemployed and more than 600million still not urbanized, we still need build more city in china why invest outside and get slandered?
Land of pîss and pôôp
This is why US is worried about China. Nothing else.
Bill Zhang
China rules the world!
Bill Zhang
Go China!
China will rule the world......
*_Good luck for 2019_* 🇨🇳
Пређите океан
China is now in a period of industrial transformation, economic difficulties
BHU Yara
China has at least half a century of high growth since her domestic consumption is only 15% of GDP as compared to 90% or more for those industrialized OECD countries. China needs to depend more on consumption instead of just mere exports and savings/investments.
Shinji Kataoka
Hope that China will grow its GDP by more than 10%, back to the 2010 level.
i hope china helps to build a more fair world once its on the lead
MAGA_ZOG Failure
Shame on China
John Feng
Keep working! Go China!
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China's Ghost Cities China's economy grows by 6.6 percent 6 months ago   14:38


Vast cities are being built across China at a rate of ten a year, but they remain almost uninhabited ghost towns. It's estimated there are 64 million empty apartments.

For more on Adrian Brown's report, go to the SBS Dateline website...