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Tetana Adkins
This was the very first trip my mother and I took to Nembe, Nigeria, journeying to meet up with my husband's family, our inlaws. The only way to get to Nembe is by speedboat, so we chartered one in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, for the one-hour speedboat ride. It is the best way to travel there, many interesting sights and sounds along the way.

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This is really nice.. I remember the boat trips and the endless exploring I did with my siblings.. In a bid to make us learn the Nembe language, my dad made us spend every Christmas, Easter and summer holiday in Nembe from when I was 2 until I turned 14...It worked but somehow I haven't gone back since 1998..
Dr. Kuku
Thanks for posting this. My dad is from Nembe and I visited there for the first time nearly ten years after your trip. This was great to see- thanks.
Tetana Adkins
Was he a Nembe guy? :)
Tetana Adkins
You got the good looks part right on (lol!); however his Daddy is pretty darn handsome too I must say. ;)
Tetana Adkins
That little baby is my son, he is now 11 years old!! I can't believe how time flies and that he used to be so small. :D
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Our Family Journey to Nigeria, West Nembe, Nigeria Trip 1998 1 day ago   10:39

March 23, 2009: R.I.P. Papa Oguara (1909-2009) (2:42, 2:45-2:52, 6:10); our Beloved Grandfather, Father, Brother, Uncle. We will miss seeing you on our next journey to Nigeria.

Slideshow of our last trip to Nigeria to visit family in December 2004. The music featured in this video is by my husband, Amadanyo, who hails from Nembe, Nigeria. Nembe is located in the Niger River Delta Region in Southern Nigeria, a breathtakenly, amazingly beautiful part of our Earth, that's been sadly desecrated by the oil industry. People live in squalor, with no benefit from the (un)natural resource being siphoned away by Big Foreign Oil, and Nigeria's government continues to look the other way. Despite this, the people of this region are surviving and staying strong.