Top 10 Pro Gamers Who Quit for SHOCKING Reasons 5 months ago   10:22

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Top 10 Pro Gamers Who Quit for SHOCKING Reasons
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Get ready to be SHOCKED when you see how these Professional Gamers quit! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Pro Gamers Who Quit For Shocking Reasons.

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Special thanks to our user jarettburke83 for suggesting this idea.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. Weh 'SingSing' Yuen
#9. Austin "Link" Shin
#8. Michael “Bunny Fufuu” Kurylo
#7. Ben “Gatored” Brewer
#6. Bryce “Machine” Bates
#5. Connor “Richy” Rich
#4. “ELTA” & “Strobe”
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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Comments 436 Comments

I find it funny that half of the list are LoL players.
lord skippy
its shocking, he quit because he's been playing the same game for way to long.
mark miranda
No admiralbulldog??
Click bait title.
Petros Elia
Shocking clickbait by mojo...i mean thats BunnyFufuu's job....and its not shocking at all..
The All Seeing Eye
zero is back
I can see how this can be shocking for none gamers.
riki maru
No SHROUD!! im done.
Munish Tanwar
I missed the SHOCKING part of the video
john paul de leon
How about shroud?
Tim J
how did promise from lol not come out no.1 and not even on this list at least?
Neil Shah
Kyle G.
Before I watch: Dreamkazper better be on here
Dimitri Kvasha
Watchmojo be like:
"Oh yeah, Bunnyfufuu quit, and... yeah. We don't know why, but uh... BUT THATS SHOCKING RIGHT??"
Seriously, can you just give it a rest with these bs clickbait titles?
Wow some of the reasons really were shocking! Like quitting for streaming and burnout.. Truly shocking.
BunnyFuFuu is a stand in for C9 still. He's just prioritising YouTube and Twitch
Skylar Czaplewski
Links doneso manifesto should have been at least top 3! It was a huge moment and literally the definition of shocking. Half these aren’t ever shocking but THAT was out of left field
Wow this list was VERY SHOCKING
Quitters lol
Dien Hehe
Where's kinggeorge lol
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Top 10 Pro Gamers Who Quit for SHOCKING Reasons 5 months ago   04:17