Charles Barkley react to Rockets John Calipari STRONG react 2 days ago   10:10

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The Rockets won. Why do they and others HAVE to find a way to stop the Rockets or James Harden??? They didn't say any of this when GSW won their first game against The Clippers! C' mon Man! Why do The Rockets have to be Stopped and NOT GSW or The Bucks the way they destroyed The Pistons????????? Why HATE on The Rockets?????
The Indigenous One
We're probably #4, but you better play us like we're the top contender.🚀🛀 or else we'll blast off on yo ass!!
Chuck stupid man hahahahahaha........
Twins N Friends Reviews
Charles pick Jazz in 6???? Really???? SMH
Wesley Yamil
Yes is stupid the way the guard Harden, but thats what happends when the ref protect a player so much, it forces the defence to guard differently.
Elian Rodríguez
Everyone sleep on the rockets saying they going to have trouble lmao Utah is fuckedd
Drew Thrash
Kenny makes some good points here
Kenneth Dumayhag
Wheres the great scottie pippen?
Marcus Williams-Jackson
William Green
The warriors are in trouble. The rockets have a better bench.
Ahnold Short
If the Rockets commit and play high level defense (which they are capable of) then they are a serious force to reckon with and certainly a legit title contender.
A. Villares
Chuck is stupid af he always picks any team over the Rockets 🚀 the dude is just a straight up hater 😂
David Jackson
There you go with that BS.
Sky Dravier
mano mano?
Tango Blast
Like I said nutn personally jus unfinished business and you know I'm not talkn about the Jazz lol who is the Jazz only reason I know them cause they play the rockets in playoff
Amos The Prophet
Chuckie who is Chuckie Brown? 94-95
Motivation habits
Some of the worst defends l've seen in years
Timothy Jacobs
Utah's defenders made him go right, but let him blow by!! This put Rudy G in a tough position to guard Harden AND Capella!! That is just bad defensive scheme, period.

Utah had the right approach but their follow-thru was bad. Meaning, instead of just sending him right (let him pass you)....force him to dribble right, but as the defender, you stay on him. Not rocket science...
Michael Donovan
only charles the dunce could pick the jazz in this series...and in six games!
Fernando T. Duran
They still DON'T give Harden and the Rockets their props. Smh ..and that's why none of y'all are coaches. Trying to talk about def against Harden 🤔 when it Harden and the whole team that got involved in the win. Com'on bro
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