The Friend I Betrayed ( animated story THIS GIRL WAS TROUBLE (Animated 1 day ago   10:01

Young Don The Sauce God
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The Friend I Betrayed - Animated story by Young Don the Sauce God

Part 2 to the Dating My Friend's Ex Girlfriend animation


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Written, story boarded, edited and animated by:

Don Hinds

Illustrated By:

Don Hinds

Coloring Assistant:

Noah Horton

The Reaction Channel:

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Young Don The Sauce God
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jeremiah andreis
where haiti at dough?
In from trinidad and i well agree with u
Savage Pat
Hoodie Jay
Yassss I feel u at the beginning
Cranky Playz
Thank you for naming southafrica first
Brother Hood-//.//-
My sister is graduating from Florida high school
Khalid Mohamed
I feel u Miy G
Mr Staikos
I can relate to the parent thing my parents are Greek
tyler Martinez
I can relate
Azryn Gillett
Yes I know well how Caribbean parents want their children to be successful😌😌😌
Eastern Darkiee
Kenyans are crazy as hell about school my dad would spank me if I came back home with a 99.999999999% on my test.
Yo don i feel u
Joshua Green
Joshua Green
You picked David
Elie Ibrahim
I feel u frfr
N00B N00B Nigga
I feel what you mean? I live what you mean.
Jaden games
I feel ya bro i live in barbados
Yo that my friend said I can date his ex I just haven't asked her out yet my g
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THIS GIRL WAS TROUBLE (Animated The Friend I Betrayed ( animated story 1 day ago   13:45

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THIS GIRL WAS TROUBLE Animated story by Young Don the Sauce God

this week's winner is: @aquaberrygold


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