Watch Ed Miliband ask an urgent question Climate Science: Crash Course 2 days ago   2:07:43

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behind extinction rebellion the usual suspects, big banks, trans national corporations/ telecomunications, george soros. look at london's ER event and the yellow vest movement in france and the behaviour of politicians and police, anyone spot the difference? for all plants to photosynthesize a minimum of 180 parts per million CO2 is required, the earth is now 14% greener at 400 PPM+ and is on a cooling ternd. wake up people and fast otherwise the uninformed and criminals will wreck your environment and you will have a long time to moan about how you were left with nothing by cultural marxists whether they be environmental, governmental, corporate, banking, NGO. look at the long winter in america and spring snow does that indicate warming? this has been due to the jet stream changing it's behaviour not because of a trace atmospheric gas but the connection to the sun, the magnetosphere of the earth is weakening allowing more cosmic radiation which causes more cloud nucleation which causes more heavy rain snow sleet hail. at the same time the poles are migrating rapidly and the sun is getting very quiet. there is an increase in seismic activity and vulcanism
which is directly attributable to solar activity and nothing whatsoever to do with CO2. All
life on Earth is Carbon based, think about that!
Green Is The New Red
Is this the Jeffrey Goad comments section?
Aaron Gooding
Proof if it were needed that the establishment is 100% behind XR...
Robert Castle
maybe extinction rebellion is our last hope.we are in the worst extinction event since the dinosaurs died out,only its worse than that.further research dr. guy mc pherson or raunu kilde martryrd by the deep state.
King Alfreds Shieldwall
Seriously retarded people. They have caught the liberal pathogen.
Stuart Crossland
Lets have some questions starting with "climate change"
Dancing Squid
Campaign all you like. Global Warming is now the biggest commodity on the planet. To own and promote carbon trading is big business. The Global Warming scam is an invented idea to allow control. If you dictate carbon, you effectively control most things. Fuel costs, production costs, collective taxes on over priced 'environmental saving' things. These protesters are clueless. Think about it for one minute. Petrol for example is expensive, one reason given is to protect the planet - load of rubbish. Petrol is a necessary evil most of us have to buy. Governments know this so instead of banning it, they over charge for it under the veil of saving the planet. No amount of campaigning will alter things. Things will alter when, and only when, oil runs out. It has been running out for the last thirty years but still seems as available as ever. Global warming is all smoke and mirrors to allow for higher costs. Unless you have access to raw data you do not know if the ice cap is really melting do you?

Cookoo wakey wakey - ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

Robert Brown
Milliband get back to your bacon sandwich you plonker, climate change is only believed by half wit old hippies.
Jeffrey Goad
All Taxis must be at the very least Hybrid
Jeffrey Goad
You need to fit public car charge points throughout the UK to encourage the people to buy into the EV.
With its shortened range per charge people get range anxiety.

Its currently putting off people switching for fear of running out of charge or being ICEd..
Plymouth Council have actually managed to fit chargepoints to existing lamp posts..
I expect to see all MPs travelling in EVs and setting example by the end of the year.

The Jaguar I-Pace is a fine choice.
Jeffrey Goad
More off road cycle routes are required..
People are put off cycling on roads due to congestion. Dirty air and risk of being knocked off.
Jeffrey Goad
0% finance required on:-
Electric bicycles.. (10% vat tax) or less
Electric scooters.. (10% vat tax) or less

And encouragement for all British built of the above.
Jeffrey Goad
You need to make businesses promote car sharing for the work commute.
By encouraging two drivers into one car you're effectively cutting car emissions by 50%..

Imagine the difference of a full car and that car being an EV..
Jeffrey Goad
Zero Tax On Zero Co2 transport
Jeffrey Goad
You want us to use public transport yet it costs more to ride the train from London to Manchester than it does to fly!

Why have you allowed the one thing built to enable us to travel around the country with a much lower carbon footprint to be privatised!

Trains should be zero tax.

Jeffrey Goad
We want a national bank holiday at the end of summer in aid of planting trees. Whether it be in our back garden. At schools or in open spaces.
Public transport to be cost price..
Jeffrey Goad
Export Tarriff must be like for like..

If I'm at work not using what my solar panels generate (so it is being exported) I want 16pence per kwh (the rrp) so when I get home I can use that 16 pence to buy back from the grid like for like to charge my car..

Not 4p!
Jeffrey Goad
Ban funding on company cars that arent EV, Phev or Hydrogen..

In fact ban lease on vehicles that are plain old Petrol or Diesel..
Jeffrey Goad
Act now.

Ban advertising for regular combustion engine powered cars..

No more Diesel or Petrol adverts..

Phev, EV and... "maybe" Hydrogen only.

You stopped cigarette advertising due to health issues.

Is this not a health issue?

You banned junk food on children's adverts..
Jeffrey Goad
All these new housing estates popping up everywhere

And... not... one... Solar panel!!!

Their Roof space doesn't even face the right way to add solar at a later date!

These are being built right now!

It would take 5 minutes to make a legislation to force Barrett, Bellway, bovis, countrywide, wain homes and all the others to fit them and car chargers to all new houses, flats, housing estates.

If the future is EV and you want to drive 12,000 miles you only need 32 panels. 16 on your roof and 16 in a field somewhere.
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