Gatwick airport delays: Thousands MPs call on Bercow to discipline Corbyn 5 months ago   01:14

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Bosses have warned that passengers should still check with their airlines as to the status of their flight, amid reports some people are being moved to other airports because of the disruption.

A Gatwick spokesman said 91 of 412 scheduled arrivals have been cancelled, while 64 of 371 scheduled departures have been cancelled.

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Four Toes
Finally the media and the police admit there never was a drone.
Megatron 101
lol not allylaw check his channel out he said he was trolling
Warrior Princess
Cliff Smith
If they get the people who have flown the drones over Gatwick Airport causing financial loss and misery, they should lock them up without bail over Christmas. Then sentence them to 5 years imprisonment in the New Year.
Steve Inczedi
If a plane can crash though concrete and steel whats the problem with a tiny fragile plastic plane? A 747 weighs about 300 tonnes! Diversion I think....
President Santana
All of this is so fucking stupid and making Britain look weak as fuck.
Dr Gunsmith
I smell bull shit, don’t believe the media or government, it’s aliens 👽 🛸
anthony duvall
There will be 2 kids sat in a tree somewhere pissing themselves laughing 😂
ODD-one out n about
Could be a distraction to then 'plot' a terroristic plot?😞😔 be vigilant wherever you are.
Ally Law !
ancient of daze
I call bullshit on this drone crap. My ex- girlfriend once did a charity event with a thousand large helium balloons near a UK airport for some kids (yeah, I know, not a clever idea, but still, it was allowed).
The balloons were released and a helicopter came in to land as part of the event. Thousand of bigger than this drone balloons were scattered throughout the sky and into the flight path of commercial jetliners. This obviously closed the airport down for a while (half an hour), while they waited for the wind to take the balloons out of the potentially deadly area. Every jet had to be held in a high holding pattern so these balloons weren’t sucked into the jet engines. These were a thousand of dead targets, not just one little drone. So why did this drone, with a limited control range shut down the airport for days??? They have control towers with binoculars in them. Why didn’t the air traffic controllers look for the drone pilot and get airport security to go and arrest the “pilot”???
Answer.... to get everyone pissed off with drones and install “military” equipment into public airports. It’s another Hegelian dialectic. I don’t particularly like drones and would never waste my money on one. But I can smell bullshit a mile off, and I hate fucking liars.
Oh well, at least Mr Mohammed knows if he puts an explosive device on a drone and flies at people or planes in the air port they will struggle to do anything about it and he wouldn't be traced.
Philile Dlamini
They need to shoot this thing
Emily Dudley
Gugy Uyfgj
What a joke... they are doing this on purpose to put restrictions on drones. You can buy a lazer that can shoot down a drone in seconds no bullets needed search it up not very hard to find google it... why cant the airport buy 1 of these..... b.s
'An eyewitness saw a drone'....what the fuck? really?
This was ally law 😂😂
Look, there’s a simple solution (which might not be that simple to implicate because so many of these things have been sold already) But if every drone was microchipped or tagged in some way and had to be registered/licensed to its owner -(even the crappy cheap novelty ones)- then they would be traceable. (Taking away the anonymity of idiots such as these chimps who think this is funny)
It’s the 21st century ffs!! If we can 3D print human body parts then we can build drones with traceable technology.
I can’t believe that no drone manufacturers or the authorities saw this kind of situation arising. We live a moron filled world: Think ahead.
Alina Rouf
That’s why my dads aeroplane got cancelled
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MPs call on Bercow to discipline Corbyn Gatwick airport delays: Thousands 5 months ago   11:26

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