Scuba Divers Explore Shipwreck Treasure hunters find undiscovered 1 day ago   28:23

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The New Jersey shore is a popular destination for sunbathers, surfers and boaters; but what lies off the coast at the bottom of the ocean is what draws divers from all over the world. Waiting for the intrepid treasure seeker on the ocean floor is an abundance of shipwrecks teaming with fish, lobster, scallops...and hidden treasures.

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Comments 30 Comments

Felix s
Awesome - great recovery!

Enjoyed your video.
Nice job 👍, but one question.
Why was the anchor on the stern of the Stolz and chained down🤔?
Susan Taggart
why is there a picture of the titanic wreck on the thumbnail- you can't scuba dive 4km in the freezing north atlantic!
James Pagous
Has nothing to do with Titanic , idiot
Gary Clayton
David Gray
NJHDA thinks this is really cool.
Red Horse
it's just going to rust away into nothing out in the moist air. at least treat it with sanding and primer and paint for fucks sake
Harry Barbour
a jew and swede meet in a fog bank then 50 years later some polloks from jersy go to save them, talk about nuttin to do
George Tempest
I don't get it, what's so exciting about the anchor? A bit like a car crash in the woods and everybody is hunting around for the parking break... I bet the yanks even have a history museum for famous car crashs to display more scrap metal :oP
Robbie McGill
A modern anchor, that's such so much scrap metal, junk.
Capt Eric Bergeron
Enjoyed this video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.
Zhongjian Liang
why did they have to recover that anchor?
Corns Ronald
I made it by myself :) I used fot that woodprix woodworking plans.
ArTzbugle clay
I like suba diving
Hilarious. Scuba diving and picture of the Titanic. Funny stuff.
Hilarious. Scuba diving and picture of the Titanic. Funny stuff.
polikaripio king gamer
What the F*CK thats the FUCKIN TITANIC!!!! BITCHEs
Pascal Frenchie music
Nice documentary!
Boyan Novkovic
fuck... made a whole big deal documentary about an anchor lol
Total Savage
Haha June 12th is my birthday
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Treasure hunters find undiscovered Scuba Divers Explore Shipwreck 1 day ago   04:53

For two treasure hunters searching in Lake Michigan, this latest find might be the next step in their search for Confederate gold.

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