Steve Hofmeyr Crucified, yet Julius Steve Hofmeyr - Redgebed (Official 1 day ago   29:29

Conservative Texas Woman
I wanted to show a comparison of how unfairly Steve is judged. Julius Malema can sing "Kill the Boer" and not be considered a racist or guilty of hate speech. On the other hand, Steve Hofmeyr speaks truth to help his people, is proud of his heritage, seems to long for a time before ANC reign of terror. The atttack's against Steve are so disgusting and biased. He has used his platform to try and tell the world his people are a dying tribe, yet he is crucified at every turn. Their government nor media want us to know the truth. This is why they attack him so viciously and try to humiliate and destroy his reputation. Do not beleive the fake news.
Why is Malema not all over the media as an evil racist? Why has the ANC allowed him to continue to hold a place in politics? Why has he not been removed for being a genocide inciting, racist? None of this makes sense does it? That's because it's insanity of the highest order and I needed to speak the truth.

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You know what? Listen to this man. Listen and watch with your full attention and with your heart, with your inner sense---that sense which in an earlier time told uneducated people when someone told the truth or a lie. Then, having done this, ask yourself, is this not spoken from a pure heart, nay, more than that, a NOBLE heart.
Japie van Schalkwyk
My Peace that surpasses ALL UNDERSTANDING is in Jesus... HE Know and See Everything. Be of GREAT CHEER children of our Father Most High... ❤️
Kwale Malayenini
You need to understand that white people started racism, colonialism, apartheid and slavery. Anything that a black person does is to react to white racism and discrimination. If your white people didn't bring slavery, colonialism, apartheid and racism we would all be living together in harmony. You had 400 years of enslaving and colonising black people but now you complain about 25 years of reversing the gains from apartheid. For your record, white people in SA still own 70% of land and hold the privileges of apatheid (whites earn 4 times higher than blacks). We don't need this crocodile tears.
Princess Birdie
Wait let me get this straight😂😂😂😂 white people are being are discriminated against ooh please you bunch of cry babies y'all abused black people for years it's your turn suffer there we won't help you in U.K.
Marthinus Fourie
Well done Steve. This story must be told. Proudly White Boer.
Mark Wright
Staan 100 en 10% after jou Steve. Dit is om van siek te word wat in die land aangaan. "Hulle" kan se en doen net wat hul wil en ons mag nie eers n opinie lig dan is ons orals oor die nuus.
Steve my hart gaan uit vir jou, jy is nie alleen nie. Dstv, Toyota en al daai ander belaglike mense kan in hulle helle in vlieg. Ons het hulle nie nodig nie. Dit maak my siek dat die clown in sy rooi overal kan se en doen net wat hy wil maar hy kom weg daarmee en jy opstaan vir "ons" dan word jy gesteenig. Ek se dit weer maar Steve is die enigste een wat moeite doen om vir ons optestaan en te baklei. Vir wat dit werd is, BAIE DANKIE STEVE!!
Jacob Dintweng
I'm black south African and I say the Malema Racism Agendas are not acceptable...
Politics needs humor peace and intelligence... not revival of hate between black and white...
Goat G
As daar maar net meer mense soos hy kon wees
Looked up this Steven guy few days ago. Seen a video of him trying to sing with these dark demonic creatures. Now don't give uh shit what he wants. Stand for demons, die by demon. Aka sh¡t sk¡ns.
Ymette Zehmke
Thank you so much for sharing this all over because we are struggling
Ymette Zehmke
Thank you so much for sharing. ....Steve ons volg jou ....uit Zuid Afrika
King Xavi
The evil sadistic network of racist white spawns of satan spreading their lies...their racist propaganda. Nothing new under the sun. These racist white scums are cowering.
Wouter De Vos
Malema is n jack russel agter di draad ....j bek is groot ...kom speel saam di rotwailers ...hule sal j strot uit j gat ruk ..... kom grootbek.malema
carisma harmzen
FB even takes our posts off if it contains Steve Hofmyers name. My sister got murdered 6 years ago and nothing was done about it. Just another white woman murdered in a black squatter camp and dumped there. Its sad but our country is a mess.
Saad. A
Fuck off
Dave& Lorna
Thank you for trying to help us in RSA.
Lucy Lucy
Hypocrites that is what the Hyenas are. But If you remove the Union Jack all will be well. Who wants that Union Jack in their flag afterall the British sold everyone out.
Julius Maehlich
Mal-enema is a murderous psychopath and should be straight jacketed and institutionalized in a mental facility.
Laureen Raftopulos
Thank you for sharing this. The world needs to know the truth about what is happening in South Africa.
This so called justice system call themselves fair. Along time ago you were sold out by moneypower, the same time sold the citizens of this country. Both black and white. So, mr justice , explain to us how mr malema walks free, and Steve gets crucified? The above mentioned statement makes you then an utter racist bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Steve Hofmeyr - Redgebed (Official Steve Hofmeyr Crucified, yet Julius 1 day ago   03:03

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