What role did Boris Johnson Should Sir Kim Darroch Resign as British 1 day ago   11:59

BBC Newsnight
Sir Kim Darroch resigned as UK ambassador to the United States after emails criticising the US president were leaked.
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Did Conservative leadership hopeful Boris Johnson's reluctance to support him trigger the resignation?

Our Political Editor Nicholas Watt reports.

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Simon Tide
Fake News.
Joe Bloger
who gives a shit
Michael Megale
Thorn berry is ridiculous..
Grace Phoenix
Boris is a disgrace to the British Public. He should defend Sir Kim. Boris you have to stand up to the
School yard Bully Trump. Shame on you Boris. You should defend your Ambassador. Do not side with
Trump because he cannot be trusted, trump will throw his own mother/father under the bus to gain
power. Boris I pray that you would never be the Prime Minister of Great Britain because your thinking
is just like trump’s. Trump gave Putin precedence to Putin. Birds of a feather flock together. How
sad. May the good Lord help us all. You on this side of the world and Trump on the other side. We are
truly in trouble. Lord please come to our aid and never let Trump and Boris ever win the next election.
We are truly in trouble. Come to our aid Lord.
Pablo Page
It is simply remarkable to me that this man is, by most estimates, going to be the next resident of number 10, Downing Street.
Having just watched the recent interview Andrew Neil did with Boris Johnson, it is astounding to (apparently) know that he will be the next prime minister.
Boris Johnson does not lie per se, but dances around the truth like it would burn him of he landed too close. Although I was glad to see Neil take a no nonsense approach to the interview; curbing Johnson's tangents frequently and reprimanding his obvious pivots. Boris cut his way through the barrage of difficult questions using a figurative axe made completely out of BS.
This is a man that gave a foreign country reason to imprison a British woman, however untrue the reason. He sees the Backstop in Brexit negotiations as a hindrance to British freedom. Even though it was conceived as a protection against chaos on a border that not too long ago managed to reach an Agreement that solved it's recent chaotic state. Johnson, as Neil frequently points out, dodges questions that might engender embarrassing or damaging answers by blustering about something or other that props him up as a good leader.
From what I can see, the qualities that the human being known as Boris Johnson chooses to showcase in his public appearances are: high-minded standards (however oversimple) as well as childish pettiness, well spoken but vacuous arguments, severe understanding of what he wants and what will serve him to get what he wants, ignorance of rules that would get in his way, and intelligence in service of foolishness. In short; he seems to be an intelligent man that will talk his way out of responsibility.
Maybe I'm wrong, I would love to hear from anyone who thinks so.
But anyway, I am not a politician, but even a fool could understand that this nonsense vomiting, responsibility shirking, blonde version of everyone's favourite orange skinned ogre is a terrible man to give the responsibility of forming a government to.
Maybe I got a bit carried away towards the end there...
PS: Sorry that this comment mainly references another video. The comment section of that video is disabled. Cheers if you've read to here.
Lloyd Peter Wilson
Any decent ambassador wouldn't have sent such messages
Bat Taz
Boris 'Brutus' Johnson will always have your back.
Public Public
And Fallon's word is worth fuck all. Check out his dubious behaviour for yourself.
Public Public
Boris spineless blob Johnson
Bloody hell Newsnight what a bunch of Liberal snowflakes you really are......Johnson was demonstrating diplomatic ‘damage limitation’ during the debate which is why he didn’t want to criticise the POTUS in leu of a potential trade deal post Brexit......exactly what we would expect our leader to do in the interests of the U.K. Jeremy Hunt however showed he’s true colours by criticising the POTUS hence proving he has no credibility to exit with a ‘no deal’ come 1st November proving he is TM 2.0.....scrap the TV License fee!
Night Rider
it was leaked in a bar on congress avenue, austin texas.
Paul Phillips
Put money on it leaked to Okeshot by another brexiteer in the cabinet co-ordinating with Johnson to make the ambassadors job untenable so they can then replace him with another Trump sycophant of their choosing..

You can tell by the way they were all up in arms when Theresa May said she may appoint another before she leaves office..

This is a seditious set up involving Johnson Brexit party okeshot. Put money on it.
Paul Phillips
Brexit party Boris Johnson and Okeshot planned this. It was deliberate and seditious.
John Carden
The Ambassador's position had become untenable; he had become a blocker to future trade and good relationships with the US.
The last thing a new Prime Minister would need, especially one who has a good relationship with Mr Trump, is to retain the current ambassador.
Mr Johnson is now 14/1 on to be the new Prime Minister. Why would he give the ambassador his backing if this would work against the country?
The Ambassador had to go anyway, his resignation is nothing to do with Mr Johnson. Mr Johnson was just stating the obvious when he refused to back the ambassador.
Storm in a teacup, only notable for being another contorted media/political campaign to undermine Brexit and thus democracy.
Ozzy Mandias
American stooge to be prime minister,well he is american anyway.
RDB247 202b
More beeb crap trying to prop up the bullshitting establishment.
Yvette Cowley
Boris you are a coward...can't you stand by your ambassador instead of being a puppet of trump
Yvette Cowley
Geremy hunt has more class than boris...lol
No Humbug
The UK has been a US aircraft carrier since Suez
Shirl Zitting
Well... I can tell ya what role Trump can play in teaching Boris how to comb his hair.
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Should Sir Kim Darroch Resign as British What role did Boris Johnson 1 day ago   09:50

Sir Kim Darroch has served as the British Ambassador to the United States since 2016 but has recently faced criticism as leaked emails show that he has described the White House as 'inept' and 'dysfunctional'. President Trump has taken fire at Sir Kim by directing a series of tweets to Theresa May. Spokesperson for Our Future Our Choice Femi Oluwole and Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice MEP debate whether or not Darroch should resign in the wake of the leaked emails.
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Broadcast on 09/07/2019

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