Exploring Elon Musk's Boring Google Pixel Slate: This 3 months ago   06:51

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space x launch numbers sighted in video were taken from; https://qz.com/1482695/spacexs-record-19-launches-in-2018/

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Ky Fisher
If your car brakes down in the tunnel what happens then?
Farooq Baqer
*k* *pop*
Faisal Memon
And regarding his hyper loop train, the EXACT same tunnel was in the movie Logan’s Run. The EXACT same. And this Elon Musk funnel is just a version of a pneumatic tube that you find in drive-thru banks and hospitals. And he passes it off as if he’s the wizard.
Faisal Memon
I mean everyone has thought up an underground tunnel or a helicopter picking up their car when stuck in traffic. Elon musk thinks he’s the bomb.
Hasso Sigbjoernson
So a tunnel under the surface in cities through which electric cars can drive.

*He "reinvented" the SUBWAY!*
Chris 7
Where can i buy that hoodie?
Does anybody know?
GroßDeutsches Reich
This tunnel? It looks boring
Stop having a boring tunnel
Stop having a boring life
Ark Mahesh Sahu
What's that in the background in 2:27 ?
PewDiePie 7
Casey neistat should host meme review with mrbeast
Maya loves cats
elon musk has done too much in his life to exist

he even saved pewdiepie from tseries passing for the second time by hosting meme review, you cant tell me Elon musk is not a good person to this society
Rob Koziorowski
Nobody was allowed to bring a camera, huh?

*goes to watch What’s Inside video about the boring tunnel*
Elite Warrior
NO, its all about MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!
Johnny Knoxville
an idea that solves nothing by an attention seeking idiot named casey
Robert Maheu
that tunnel is highly dangerous. how do you escape on off chance of a fire. aka the channel tunnel fires. looks like you cant even open the door in that tunnel.
Adventure Discovery
For a tunnel exploration video there sure is a lack of actual tunnel footage.
Angelique Tuyishime
Obviously I hope that Elon and his companies will be profitable but without a doubt they are our future
Angelique Tuyishime
Without a doubt Elon Musk is the most influential individual of our century
Pj studio
I think you forget about India launched 108 satellites..
This is so boring
Wow thats so innovative they built a tunnel. Spoiler alert. In Switzerland and Japan they have even more of them tunnels.
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Google Pixel Slate: This Exploring Elon Musk's Boring 3 months ago   09:33

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