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space x launch numbers sighted in video were taken from; https://qz.com/1482695/spacexs-record-19-launches-in-2018/

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Shawn Cameron
UNlike subways which are used for the common man, this tunnel will be expensive and individual drivers with a car will have to pay alot of cash if they want to get ahead. This is SMART because it will be PROFITABLE. Unlike most subways which are subsidized.
Moritz Pellegrini
What the fuck, it's like a subway but worse
*This is not BORING*
this is boring... as always.
Cody Slab
Dude you just crapped all over facts
If the tunnel is that small, does it mean only Tesla vehicles can use it?
Archie RKO
ArchieRKO 👊🏻
Tom Mangelschots
2:27 was that Elon in his space ship?
Encinaar Encinaar
The tunnel project will be canceled in my opinion. Not as smart as tesla project or space x project.
some comments here that tunnel is stupid.... ftw Elon is not envisioning for earth he is testing if for Mars.... he inventing things for intergalactic technology.... electric car... spacex... tunnel.... after he perfected the technology a interconnected biosphere or earth dome in Mars will facilitate faster movement... just remember how early civilisation evolve to an amazing one.. like china that invented wheels.. rome that invented a thousand miles paved road... railroads in europe and how it invade america and made united stated united.... JUST for those people who think Elon vision is stupid... just shutup and enjoy for we are lucky enough to witness a brilliant guy but unfortunate for us to experience the real future.... so stop the rant and bashing just buy the ideas at least you took an idea and continue live the dreams. peace
NOT TUnnel Its Tunnel
Chelsea Schultz
Trying to understand why YouTubers misspell, have grammar, capitalization mistakes in their titles? Why?? C’mon
Norman Dunnagan Jr.
Very feel
Jerry C
Is it going to be a mag-lev?
Daniel D Gordon
Nice video. But where's the 4k HDR?
Dave Smith
Hes an amazing human...but dont we already have trains?
Cool. Now we'll have traffic in tunnels instead.
matte molly
wait what is the point of this tunnel??
Mo Ma
Wouldn’t a subway line be way more efficient at transporting people? And what happens if one car breaks down?
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