State of the Union: What is the historic Johnny Depp Does A Great 1 day ago   01:37

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Donald Trump’s State of the Union address is back on, now that the longest federal government shutdown in history has finally ended. The address is set for 5 February, so here's everything you need to know about the historic address.

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CountryOverParty AmericaPhuckYeah
Duck Trump and anyone who follows this dumbass clearly Darwinism has yet to get to you.
CountryOverParty AmericaPhuckYeah
There used to be a historic meaning but since the cuckservative GOP gave power to a little tyrant bitch that just speaks loud and gets absolutely nothing done. Idk one might say he's just a lame duck
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Johnny Depp Does A Great State of the Union: What is the historic 1 day ago   01:31

Johnny Depp's funny Donald Trump Impression...

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