Mike Posner - Move On Mike Posner - Be As You Are (LIVE 95.5) 5 months ago   03:06

Written by Mike Posner
Creative Direction by Mike Posner
Directed by Zac Zlatic and Mike Posner

Music video by Mike Posner performing Move On. © 2019 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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Crazy Basketbal
Going through a lot myself rn, I got sad but it still made my day. Love the song and the video even more. Now, let’s leave everything behind and move on
Pet wussy
This song makes me wanna cure depression even though I haven't yet experienced it .
lucy connor
It’s sad that no mater how much we love something and how much we try to keep it. It has to go 😔
Kert Lachica
Just keep yourrrrr hair and facial hair!
Nguyen Mi
you make me keep playing this song again and again. what a beautiful song!
it's oli random yt
i cant stop listening to this song its just sooooo good
DanielDD Legend
Happy Father's day to your father! 😊✨
Emaad Anwar Khan
Inspirational, dont know why people disliked it.
Siren of Death
my 14 Year Brother cried
after watching This❤
Ddiki __
Take care and love yourself ,do what you want and enjoy💜💜
Lighsadra Sreivalian
You’re a very attractive man why go for this rugged haggard look? It doesn’t suit you and no one can see how handsome you are under all that fuzz...I know what you’re going through. I recently lost my step dad too, he also had brain cancer which was messing up his thinking. He ended up falling down while he was with my little brother and they went to the hospital and because of the severe swelling in his brain from his fall he needed treatment immediately but because he was left untreated for hours he died in the emergency room because they only saw him as having a scratch on his head needing stitches when he had a very serious brain swelling. I honestly think my brother should sue the hospital for their incompetence. It can be very hard losing someone close to you, but don’t give up on yourself. There will always be people who care about you in your life. You always matter to someone, don’t ever forget that.
Таня Рибальченко
I never comment video in YouTube, but I’m writing now, because I’m so impressed. It unrealistic cool and motivating song.
Akim-Maria Ellah
How's the walk going?
Shaun Haley
my dad died from prostate cancer 13 days before my birthday 2018
Bob Ross
DJ Shenanigans
He has such a beautiful soul. This has brought me hope in myself again. It is hard being "insert title" when you are sad.
He just walked through my town yesterday!
wayne hall
way to go mike!
44 B
I hope he and Tracy Chapman get to talk with each other
Rounak Biswas
Thank you!
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Mike Posner - Be As You Are (LIVE 95.5) Mike Posner - Move On 5 months ago   06:36

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