Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling Modeling Land Cover Change 1 day ago   04:21

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These videos are from the Introduction to Agent Based Modeling course on Complexity Explorer ( taught by Prof. Bill Rand. This course will explore how to use agent-based modeling to understand and examine a widely diverse and disparate set of complex problems.

During the course, we will explore why agent-based modeling is a powerful new way to understand complex systems, what kinds of systems are amenable to complex systems analysis, and how agent-based modeling has been used in the past to study everything from economics to biology to political science to business and management.

We will also teach you how to build a model from the ground up and how to analyze and understand the results of a model using the NetLogo programming language, which is developed and supported at Northwestern University by Uri Wilensky. We will also discuss how to build models that are sound and rigorous. No programming background or knowledge is required, and the methods examined will be useable in any number of different fields.
Introduction video for the Complexity Explorer course, Introduction to Agent-based Modeling.

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Please note there is a typo in this video. The section beginning at minute 2:13 approximately, the correct name to be displayed is Forrest Stonedahl, not Stoendahl.

Next session: Summer 2017

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Ferranta Cespedes
I am very interested in the subject, but my English is not adequate. I wish the video was subtitled in Spanish. Thus this course would make more people interested. I leave the idea.
Russ Gonnering
Hi Bill-

Looking forward to it!
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Modeling Land Cover Change Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling 1 day ago   15:00

Dennis O'Brien '15 (
Ali Santacruz '17 (
Chung Truong '16 (
Lauren Ziemer '14 (

This video will show you how to build a land change simulation model using the DINAMICA software written by the Dinamica team at the Federal University of Minas Gerais.

Dinamica team's Official website:

Office of Geographic Information of Massachusetts - MassGIS:

Professor Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr