This is the scene at Myrtle Beach, Storm chasers risk their 3 months ago   2:21:52

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James Bartlett
Why there razing flag down
Terence Taylor
"Well are American cousins, I hope you have all battened down the hatches"? It's been downgraded at the moment but I would not hold my breath if I were you! Hope you all keep safe and stay safe. Best wishes from Liverpool UK.
wow this is gonna be bad.
พิมพา สิงห์คํา
I wonder if the Americans will ever get global warming, and understand it, there president doesn't understand it, he only understands one thing greed, and let's be honest it isn't going to affect him his an old man.
i was actually supposed to go to Myrtle Beach South Carolina next week... hopefully it's still there by then.
tree Love
Why there are still people out there? What are they doing?
Jackie Jackie
these are the end of days. Get away from the coastlines. Disasters are only going to get worse and happen more frequently...Get away from the coastlines! Get right with Yahuah God Almighty!
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Storm chasers risk their This is the scene at Myrtle Beach, 3 months ago   08:03

Men and women gamble big by entering the eye of the storm to collect important data to better understand these massive hurricanes.