Review: Athearn GP38-2 DC/DCC Review: Atlas GP38-2 w/DCC 2 days ago   16:49

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Infinity Woomy
Is $115 a good price for a DCC equipped one of these or off eBay for 79.99 from bachmann
Scott Morgn
I'm sure you know by now, but what your calling the rear end, is the front on these engines. SO RR and NS run long hood forward.
The Rutherford WX / Middle Tennessee EAS
What function is it on the dcc controller to make the gp38-2 do a shut off sound?
Great video.
I am curious though. Is there an advantage to the high nose over the standard nose? It seems as though the visibility would be significantly reduced for the engineer.
Daniel Alston
I really don't have a problem with this engine. I may just get it to go along with the rest of my Norfolk Southern engines.
can you please do a review for the CSX GP38-2.  i cant seem to find video of the new csx units and i'm interested in buying a couple of them.  Since I had the 2619 2 days out of the paint shop when it got its last YN2 paint.. i really want that unit.
Tennessee Rail / Car Wash NO LONGER UPLOADING
Hey jlwii2000 What Kind Of Train Controller Do You Have To Control That Athearn Train Because, I Have That Train To But It Doesn't Have Sound But I Have That Kind Of Train And The Lights Don't Work On The Bachmann DCC Controller Only The Front Ditch Lights Work Barely. So What Kind Of Controller Do You Have. Please Comment Back.
Iver Jacobsen
Your doing a better effort in the reviews than the magazines!
well they do have sound compared to the ones I had in the 70`s
I see these all the time parked at Chamblee Terminal. I hope to get some of these or the GP50's to model the local trains that run through town.
James D'Angelo
You talk to much
Paul Kirkman
Great review as usual. Thanks.
I have a few gp50's and wish I could get a few 38s
These locomotives are still on the rails. I see them sometimes on my way to my friends house.
Holden's Trains
hey will! I have a question for you, i just got the southern version of this (Gp38 with the oil bath filters). So what my question is that was your front horn crooked? And my second question is that i bought mine at a recent show and the guy has TCS T1 dcc decoder in it. Ive been trying to get the momentum yup on it and i assume the Digitrax DCS programing system can not program those decoders?
Joseph Valentine
Can you make a video of all your engines running together
Phil Smith
Can you turn a regular HO DC engine to a DCC, I have 20 engines and some are big steamers , Before I build my layout I wanna know if its possible. Correct me if I am wrong but I wont be able to run them on a DCC track correct?  GREAT VIDS
Thomas Bush
I love those NS and Southern high hoods, I see them from time to time on NS's K&A branch. Thanks so much for the review, love your videos.
NwSteamer 611
It's modern era you always

Make good vids
James, these are still modern era down on NS, or at least the southern areas of NS's districts. Great review of a great model!
Amtrak and AWVR Fan
You should get your crossing gates active!
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Review: Atlas GP38-2 w/DCC Review: Athearn GP38-2 DC/DCC 2 days ago   10:11

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