RANDOM Scoreboard CHALLENGE *NEW* *1 IN 1 MILLION* ACCIDENTAL SHOT! - Fortnite 6 months ago   24:46

New #Fortnite Scoreboard Emote challenge! Today we use the new Emote to choose what weapons we're using in Playgrounds in Fortnite Battle Royale
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Comments 6162 Comments

Wesam Alamaliki
Mohamed boucheloui
look ssundee face in 10:24
Ggd Vsg
Finley Hennessy-Dyson
ssundee your first roll was a 8 not a 3
Ahmad Doom
I am watching in season 9
Anshul Naik
1:30 - I thought Ian got an eight not a three
Daniitheduck Fortnite
And hewny
Daniitheduck Fortnite
Were is nico
Brianie Landers
R.I.P greasy grove
Notice he got an 8 but said 3 and took from the 3
Samuel Foong
You know he Combe
Kristy Pack
That was 8 not three
Aimee Cooper
I love you
dude mood
You are haking that pump was supposed to be in season 7
Lachlan Collins
rip flush factory
Corbitt09 !
R.I.P greasy grove
Teresa Newcombe
Your so good at fortnite
Nathan Goh
Ssundee drew a 8 not a 3
*like if u agree
Phoenix Reimer
Ian you got 8 on the first one not 3
Steven PlayZ
1:33 he said it was 3 but its 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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*1 IN 1 MILLION* ACCIDENTAL SHOT! - Fortnite RANDOM Scoreboard CHALLENGE *NEW* 6 months ago   10:03

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