Gutted Tesla TROLLS the Streets! Gutted Tesla P100D Causes 3 months ago   11:56

We ran into the Tesla Racing Channel guy piloting this Tesla P100D on the street...and it was glorious! Are the electric cars finally taking over our bald eagles?! Hopefully not..but this Tesla P100D might have you thinking otherwise. With nothing more than a gutted interior, and some lightweight seats, this economy-electric car shocked EVERYBODY when it wen’t undefeated against some badass drag cars! It’s AWD, and insta-torque make for a KILLER street combo, especially when the roads aren’t too great..can’t wait to see what the future holds for this Tesla!

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Saz Ryy
Well, this is current F1 engine right now.
Balázs Sipos
Shit Tesla.👎 Forever V8. 👍
These guys are betting so much money but all own rwd's?
tre trash
I was for sure that the GT-R would win..
C Dub
Haha fuckin mustang guys
jayk legendary
Tesla is quick,not going to hate,but just wait til GM gets their heads out of their asses. The Tesla will be forgotten.
Rob E
I can’t stand these fat retarded country redneck hood neck pieces of shits
Aguares Partas
holy shit
Zion Ambursley
The guy driving the Tesla has a foggy helmet 😆😵 HYPERVENTILATING
Sage Oldmann
The fat dude crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Just wait for the roadster v2 😍😏
James K
How can the police catch one of these things as a getaway car? Movie coming soon libs 🤦‍♂️
Lol good whipped.
Dylan Peffer
Some mustang owners think their car is way faster than any other car
Hate to be a fanboy, but the GT-R would have had it on a longer stretch. Gearing accounts for something after 100mph.
Frank Aliberti
Why blur the kid’s face? Wasn’t he willingly talking to you?
Tesla is faster then car
I love how you censor the dudes face when he has his Youtube channel on full display on his shirt
Demian Gatica
Just imagine John Cena with a Tesla. You won’t either see him or hear him
Márk Zalavári
Why they don't use tuned cars with four wheel drive?
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Gutted Tesla P100D Causes Gutted Tesla TROLLS the Streets! 3 months ago   22:32

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A semi-gutted Tesla P100D with BBS Wheels and M/T tires take over a cash days style street race. 19 Entries = $1900 and 5 rounds of tough racing. This road isn't ordinary with it being some of the worst conditions going backwards down the dragstrip, starting at the other end of 710 Dragway. As for after the show...someone always wants to grudge race and well there's always a winner and a loser in that situation when the Tesla talks its way into getting the brake.