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Here is the first trailer for SHAFT!

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FilmSelect Trailer
Enjoy the first trailer for SHAFT!
*SHAFT* (2019)

*Samuel L. Jackson* - 12/21/48 - age: *70*
_John Shaft II_

*Jessie T. Usher* - 02/07/92 - age: *27*
_John "J.J. Shaft III (Jr.)_

*Regina Hall* - 12/12/70 - age: *48*
_Mrs. Shaft_

*Richard Roundtree* - 07/03/42 - age: *76*
_John Shaft I_
Gary Salmon
what is the song playing at the end of this trailer?
Kingdom Enferno
How is it that I’m just now hearing about this only after seeing a trailer for it in the theater for us and yet no one has shut up about m.i.b international
SHAFT IS BACK IN ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
_ MIC _
Why don't we have Michael Cera play Shaft?
Bruce Stark
Really dropped the ball by not casting Michael Cera.
Mr. DaFish72
They got a big hit hit here.
Anthony White
Looks good 😊
Alisher Berikbolov
Damn right
Sylas R
I listed it because SLJ
Herbert Miller
Damn three Shafts.........tear shit up
ballerboy doyoueven
The new Shaft is gonna be the next Black Panther a real inspiration and uplifting the community
Where his eyepatch at?
The shot of a man falling backwards through a window in slow motion, (at around 1.41) has been stolen wholesale from Zack Snyder's Watchmen 2009.
Hippo Ivory
I can dig it.
A man with one hand
The grandpa is dope lmaooo
In the name of Donald Glover, this movie REQUIRES a Michael Cera cameo
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