Toy Story 4: Tom Hanks 'said his goodbyes' Toy Story 4's Annie Potts on channeling 2 days ago   03:33

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Speaking to The Independent's Clarisse Loughrey, Hanks said "I think every time one ended I thought we were saying goodbye."

Toy Story 4 follows a host of familiar characters as they're joined by a new addition Forky, voiced by Tony Hale, a toy their new owner Bonnie has made at school.

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keanu reeves
Alex Jones
Film is powerful, The real artist doesn’t know what their doing. Unpredictable, fresh. A true Artist explores and try’s things and experiments to understand the people and story at play. The process is embedded in the film, I was watching Toy Story 4 with my girlfriend the other week, and I became aware to how big budget films like to imprint ideology in to the film. Because in 150 years times their won’t be shred of what that ideology means and all that will be left will be the art.
Charles E
Tim wants toy story to keep going to pay his mortgage like all of us with out jobs
Wow Annie (bo peep) said a bad word
Fuck toy story
Rose Phoenix
And one more thing remember that in 1995 it was a good old days for our own childhood to stay positive to be a having fun adventure and excited try to do that in your own kids anyway because sometime that in a positive way it could be repeat us up again to have to stay on a good funny kind and respectful for everyone
Rose Phoenix
It is so amazing that at the first Toy Story from 1995 that from all of us as a young childhood that to remember like it was so to have to explore find excited and to work together of something of a very special Pointon because in those days in for the past in 1995 like all of us we watch a younger kids and now kids now they're going to be the same age of like from the past like I said everyone else as a dog become of a positive way to be peed herself into the future from your children or grandchildren and beyond that so how amazing it is anyway because all of us like we was younger days it was very fun it was great and it was like seeing a very exciting Adventure Explorer and even some imagination because sometimes that that imagination and a fantasy world will become a reality but everyone should know this to have a responsibility as a positive way of a kid and to be of a respect for teenagers and then to have a better future of everyone everyone else to have a normal life for them for themselves and especially for the family how amazing this is anyway

And PS I'm going to say this that I always like to have a positive way and especially that I'm handicapped I speak both language and less half of a big positive way for the future your future the future and four other grandchildren as future as well that from our childhood and your family and your children and grandchildren two half of a positive right for the future on anything what kind of like anything could be possible it could be reality to have of a kindness waste everywhere from States cities towns small towns and quiet towns to have a positive way to keep moving forward to the future especially from everywhere around the world
My God what a women. I'd like to suckle on them.
Mgtow Saved My Life
The orgasm between Christina’s tits would be unreal.
Dale Gribble
Why is there a random Keanu in the picture?
everything is nothing
Yeah pedohood needs to change
Paddy O'Prey
Keanu Reeves breathtaking as usual.
Mark W.
It needs more hype.
Matt Sprayberry
It's sad that the man the myth the legend won't be in this one
A good soldier never leaves a man behind.
Jay Ross
He Still In Character John Wick 4 coming soon 💯💯💯
Cristian Seitz
That woman has HUGE tatas
Ron Swanson
Felix Espinal
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Toy Story 4's Annie Potts on channeling Toy Story 4: Tom Hanks 'said his goodbyes' 2 days ago   04:09

All of Andy’s Bonnie’s toys are back for a new adventure with Toy Story 4, another installment in Pixar’s decades-spanning franchise. This time around, Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang accompany Bonnie on an eye-opening road trip, which leads them to their old friend Bo Peep, the porcelain shepherdess who was given away by Andy’s mom between the second and third movies. Peep’s experiences on the road transformed her into a nomadic free-spirit, whose “strength and sarcasm belie her delicate porcelain exterior.” Ahead of the film’s release on Friday, Pixar invited us to sit down with Annie Potts, who voices Bo Peep, to talk about coming back to the Toy Story franchise.