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Scuba diving in Bali in 2006 with AquaMarine Diving. This 54-minute film features the USAT Liberty Wreck, Coral Garden and the Drop-off from Tulamben, macro from Seraya Secrets, Blue Lagoon and Pura Jepun from Padangbai, and the manta rays of Manta Point from Nusa Penida.

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Bubble Vision
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love the music at the start
Hi, I noticed at 13:09 in the film you have footage of a maroon clownfish that has black stripes, I have been interested in clownfish for a long time and have not seen a specimen like this. It may be unrecorded as a colour variation of this type of clownfish.
Very cool and cool video!
Mark Arnott
5:20m The wtf u talkin bout willis fish :)
Mark Arnott
👁‍🗨👁‍🗨💬bubbles :)🦈🐟 (OO) trailer park boys- TPB good videos (Y) 🦈💦🌏📲🆗
do i hear Darth vader breathing ? 🖤🐹
Maria De Lourdes Souza Lima
Zah Stylish
Great Effort..
Mary Nylander
Your work is so special, Nick Hope. While watching your videos I'm free of wheelchair , age and pain. I move through the water seeing with your eyes , understanding what I see. Thankyou for sharing .
I think I want to see what's under there, not those divers showing off! trashed!
jian yu
I watch this that I sleep the music is nice and clam
jian yu
I wish i could go diving to
محبي الطيور المغردة
Thanks for this beautiful vidéo ✔
I like 💓💓💓 Very much 👍👍👍
Welcome 👈 😊👉
just me
OK thanks
just me
what's the name of the music
El Nokta
adam biri şöyle yaptı böyle oturdu kalıktı burda kendi çapımda birinin hayatından bahsediyorum sürekli ve adamın ruhu duymuyor yada benimle ilgilenmiyor ne vahim bir durum.
Leo Zandbergen
Super mooi. Vind ik.
Jim Jesko
Thanks for such a great video!!! I think it's the best and like someone else commented, great music.
So many have hard rock pumping, can't understand why when out oceans are such a quite and beautiful place to visit.
Thanks again for taking me to Bali !!!
Giulia Scarpa
I saw a whale shark there near the ship wreck and a turtle which I was lucky enough to touch.
Giulia Scarpa
I went diving and night diving there, it's absolutely gorgeous, I would recommend going to bali
Casper den Ouden
Prachtige films
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Little Monsters - Hide & Cheat Diving in Bali 2 days ago   51:07

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