Ron Paul: Edward Snowden Is A Hero Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden 1 day ago   07:23

Air Date: Jan. 22nd, 2014

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Gumball Watterson
Edward Snowden is a hero and anyone who disagrees with what he did is the TRUE traitor to the United States constitution
ron paul and bernie sanders are great people
Feministikon Prøjekt
They should take the Nobel from Obama and give it to Snowden. Sweden should also invite Assange not for the fake rape charges but to offer him also Nobel for Peace. Ron Paul may be on the right but he sounds wonderful here...calls the guys in Washington "clowns" talks about Ellsberg, well good for you Mr. Ron Paul...Remember Prophet Orwell: freedom (according the State) is slavery. Great Mr. Paul you are the man...
Guz Man
Ron Paul si so wrong in many topics, but on this one he is right
mlogaN writeS
All my respects to Ron and Edward!
Jack McLane
Rand Paul is such a bitch
L. Hall
Ron Paul for President 2020. Edward Snowden as head of CIA... immediately.
Snowden: To reform the central intelligence agency into a real intelligent core system that abides by the constitution & restores our personal liberties & freedoms.
IT is Done!
man with the biggest balls in america: edward snowden
Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore
Edward Snowden needs to be president.
Brandon Klopp
Ron Paul for President 2020
H Boned
Ron Paul is refreshing to listen to. I was kind of lonely when I protested the Mexican War. Edward Snowden is a hero, as is Chelsea Manning. Obama should be prosecuted for war crimes....and he should be visited in prison by Dianne Fienstein and their ilk. Good thing I can escape to Walden now and then. HDT
Snowden = Hero, patriot
Edward Snowden = Patriot and HERO. THe problem is there is much more evil (kill lists are used more than you would think, from what I have read,) that needs to be revealed. And we need to change it. Ron Paul = Patriot, Sensible, Hero. These are revolutionary times, I think, but no one will start one that isn't based on the needs of some butt fucking ranchers in the middle of nowhere (OR) lmao. We may see the South start some shit and if Trump gets in, truly they don't need a revolution. They have Satan/Hitler to crush everything that is free in this country. I am leaving for Canada, so you all can work this shit out and I will watch it on CBC. Good luck! You're dumbasses for staying in the US! Sorry! As they say in Canada! Eh!
The Toltec
Snowdon is a douchebag
The Toltec
Don Paul is the douchiest douchebag there is
Zach The Celtics Guy
Edward Snowden is a HERO!!!!! He's an American patriot!!
As an American, I LOVE Edward Snowden!!! Long Live Edward Snowden!!
Wake up my fellow Americans, The NSA is abusing it's power domestically and internationally!
William Price
Snowden is a hero.
Kinkou Kinkou
i have so much respect for Ron Paul - and I'm British, he could be our Prime Minister any day!
Jaroslav Záruba
sadly Ron's Paul is not his father... fuck Rand Paul
B.J. Martin
I've said this before, any presidential candidate wants to pardon, protect Edward Snowden, they get my vote. The rest I'll fight against their run for President. You hear me Hillary Clinton? Who long ago was my number one choice? I have to admit, that was a long, long, long time ago.
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Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden Ron Paul: Edward Snowden Is A Hero 1 day ago   1:01:28

Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden live on Stage at the CeBIT Global Conferences 2015.