Ron Chernow COMPLETE REMARKS at 2019 C-SPAN: President Obama at the 2011 1 day ago   29:17

From C-SPAN coverage, Ron Chernow remarks at the 2019 White House Correspondents' Dinner. Watch the complete video here:

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Chernow is half zombie ......dead on arrival
micky bang-bang
Trump smashed this bullshit
Michael Pondo
Trump didnt come when he found out they wete nt serving burgers and fries. He s passed out on top of stormy daniels.
Just a quick reminder: The current Administration hates free speech, separates children from their parents, admits Nazis are fine people and the President said he wants to fuck his own daughter.
Oh, and by the way: Literally 10.000 lies and over 100 legal affairs in process.
But sure, it's all good fun.
I'm a little disappointed there's no comedian to hold the journalists accountable for their warmongering.
Tim Gorre
Nobody care what you think.
Marto Pegido
Zip Chen
Jokes aside, who’d watch WHCD? Well, here’s why.
Honestly, the WHCD is boring now. Wish Obama was back to host and bring his comedian friends. Trump and his cult hate Trump jokes.
I like
Dale Neurauter
They haven't had their meal yet and they're all so full of it.
David Albrechts
quite eloquently spoken, exposes many of the unnoticed faults of our times. HIs books are amazing to read as well.
Have Faith
So apropos! trump should have attended this.
Creating Peace
OMG, love it: "Be ware of becoming the very things you struggle against!"
Brilliant speech. Thank you, Mr. Chernow.
Karen Caviness
Oh! So dramatic! Tears n my eyes. Whiny whiny at the thought that u might b locked up. Actually, some of u will due to illegal leaking. Obama is the administration that spied and broke the law. Whine to them.
Sorbet Elf
Very entertaining watching those journalists that are clearly not happy with the speech - clearly trump supporters lol.
Oh that moment when someone puts your ignorance into a historical context!
rick m
Wait a minute I thought they said Trump colluded with Russia, Trump is a Russian agent, Trump was a racist, homophobe, murderer, rapist, pedophile, thief. Why would they want to have dinner with him
Finally a non-comedian who isn't funny instead of a comedian that isn't funny.
English Teacher
This also goes down in my current history of the best Correspondents dinner during my lifetime. While I love the comedians and they do a GREAT job... this was a nice change of pace. My brain feels challenged and in awe of this man.

Thank you.
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C-SPAN: President Obama at the 2011 Ron Chernow COMPLETE REMARKS at 2019 1 day ago   18:54

President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner. View the complete program here: