St. Croix Part I - Beach & Shopping St. Croix Travel Vlog | My 3 Day Trip 2 days ago   04:20

Teri and Andrea journey to St. Croix to explore Turtle Beach on Buck Island, then taste local cuisine at LaReine's Chicken Shack, then go shopping in Christansted at Shay's Boutique and My Girlfriend's Closet.

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Kimberley Troyer
Where is Part 2?
Ryan Bell
I need to come back home I miss st.croix an the people I know an grew up with.
Terrance Charles
Killa Bee
My home town. I miss that place!!
Can a family of 4 make it off an annual income of $75,000? Also, how much destruction do hurricanes bring?
Chloe S.07
I love my island
Chloe S.07
I am living there in three yeas
VI best I love going fishing
Sierra Henry
love my home 😃
xVideogames and SportSx
me and my family are moving here in about 2 years and i cant wait ill miss my friends but im sure ill make new ones in the awesome island!
fang check
drinking while shopping ?   cool
Stephanie Hamrick
It's not La Reine's Chicken Shack. It's La Reine Chicken Shack, because it's located in Estate La Reine. I kind of miss living in Christiansted, but it's been a while.
Gabriela J Tejada
Thinking about relocating to St. Croix.
Shay Stewart
Great video ladies! Keep up the awesome work.
Shalamar Thomas
I really can't wait to go
Preaching love
This is my home
Preaching love
I love my island
Kareem Pinkston
Love this video! Great island promotion!
Check out some fantastic island footage at:
Golden One
My girlfriends closet is the cutest lil boutique, i need to go back home to visit
serena hekken
Wow im so jealous.. i wish i could do that ever...
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St. Croix Travel Vlog | My 3 Day Trip St. Croix Part I - Beach & Shopping 2 days ago   08:24

St. Croix is one of my favorite Caribbean islands! So much to do, so much to see I had a packed 3 days of exploring all the U.S. Virgin Island had to offer. From exploring the dry cactus-like terrain in the East to driving through the jungle in the West to catch a breathtaking sunset at Rainbow Beach!