Watch EU trade ministers speak EU citizens to lose priority status 2 days ago   21:33

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Sky Floyd
It's funny to watch all these countries talking tough, about not going to agree to what the US wants. The EU has agreed to zero tariffs across the board. Anything less then that and the tariffs begin starting with autos. This will shatter the EU and collapse the lead countries in it.
robin 1
The 1975 Referendum gave the same thin margin to the Remainers - without the 2016 whinging and grizzling. Now we have seen the real EU - people voted out. Now we have Nicola Sturgeon wanting Independence for Scotland, so they can re-join the EUSSR - and lose their independence!

Nicola must think she is above the fate of the average Joe when the EU starts ruling through having a unified EU Bank and an EU controlled EU Army. Just like the creature Blair - who wants to be Emperor of the Universe!

Think on Remainers.
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EU citizens to lose priority status Watch EU trade ministers speak 2 days ago   01:21

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Britain’s post-Brexit immigration regime will focus on high-skilled workers and there will no longer be any preferential status for EU citizens coming to the UK after it leaves the bloc

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