2019 Canadian Grand Prix: What Would The Ultimate F1 Car Look 1 day ago   07:16

Re-live the best bits of the 50th Canadian Grand Prix, which had more than a few talking points!

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Dzirt D'Urden
Vettel won 100%
Jamie Stokes
4:30 "ohhhh, what?"
Gee Gee
why vettel should get penalty? because you guys are bias. a vettel hater and use "vettel can't control himself when in stress situation" listen here.. its all about correcting the car control.. and hear his team radio, he can't see hamilton. why you guys are such stupid. he is vettel. he was in the situation. you guys are just watching from TV. no such thing vettel wants to block hamilton... you guys are just panthetic vettel hater
Нац.Укр Маппер
FIA IDIOT'S!!!!!!!!
Neko Zed
Vettel from Baku 2017 returns.
joshua G
"Grazzie regazzi" -Lewis Hamilton, after he burps out the semen stuck in his throat.
Viggo Jørn Dale
gEt iN tHeRE LeWiS
Dark Voyager
i have a new name for the FIA
Which stands for:
So they're trying harder and harder to kill F1. No more FIGHTS for positions. FAKE OVERTAKES with stupid DRS rules. regulations and more regulations. No more fight for titles. NO MORE FIGHT AT ALL. Because you know. FIGHTING is not POLITICALLY CORRECT. Neither having a blonde blue eyes guy winning. No one will stop our diversity AND PC agenda. F1 will be dead because is against GREEN NAZIS.
Vettel such a sore loser, say what you want about Hamilton guy races Gard and when loses he does it with class, never does any extra antics outside of the car, Vettel very much a child.
Jay Gil
Fuck F1.... This sport is all about the money... Sebastian Ocon was eased out in favor of a billionaire's son who has no driving skills and puto Perez who is lilewise supported by one of the richest man in the world. Ocon has more driving skill than Stroll and Perez combined.

Dont waste your time and hard earned money on this rigged sport...
Lan Ngo
Hamilton như loz
Tim _
maFIA is real! It's an unbelievable decision so give Vettel a 5-second-penalty for nothing. That is no racing when you get a penalty for an own fault wich doen't was wanted. Why do you give a penalty for an incident where you can see that everyone were doch that in this case like Vettel?
met71 metal detector
Mercedes mafia
Adil Ali
ehh what can i say vettel put his pedal to the mettel
joseph humphrey
I'm a new F1 fan, so not familiar with all the rules, but I don't see what Vettel did wrong. He lost grip, went in the grass but kept car under control. I think if there was fault it falls on Lewis.I'm not a Hamilton hater.....he's a remarkable driver, but I think Ferrari had this one & F1 got it wrong.
Yangming Chong
Imagine Vettel and Hamilton are in the opposite position...
Ferrari fanboys: FIA had fair penalty!
Gordy Bhoy
Be a man Vettel n admit wen u rejoined th track u drove toward th race line of Hamilton these are th things that define you both dosnt matter what th FIA say Hamilton could take this to another level but he wont so u n Ferrari will make a drama n gain nothing Lewis wins fair n square as usual bcos hes th best wen ur th best f1 driver ever he wins all th time he 2ins bcos he knows hes th best shit fucks up to make him win if u accept tht u may have a chance his will is domination
Finally FIA officials punish vettel for a mistake. He deserved a bigger pernaly for almost ruining Hamilton’s race

What a desperate Ferrari driver. Unsafe return as the driver kept his foot on gas, instead of even lifting off or braking to prevent an accident.
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What Would The Ultimate F1 Car Look 2019 Canadian Grand Prix: 1 day ago   05:48

There are all sorts of rules and regulations in F1 that prevent designers from creating whatever they want.
But what if they didn’t exist?
We’ve thrown away the rule book and given our thoughts on what a completely unrestricted Formula One car would look like!

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