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DUR: 35 mins. YEAR: 2008. KS 3-5

Taking the stretch of coastline from Flamborough Head down to Spurn Point, this resource looks at the causes, effects and management of coastal erosion. It shows the different landforms created along the coast, the issues they create and the different ways in which they are managed, including hard and soft engineering. It then goes on to evaluate the impact of different management techniques and explores the concept of physical interdependence of environments. The resource talks to local residents, businesses, farmers, visitors and politicians and asks is this coastline sustainable?

Contains over 21 pages of teachers notes and student activities.

Endorsed by Edexcel for use with their GCSE and GCE Geography specifications.

Mentioned in the OCR sample schemes of work and lesson plans/Teacher's Handbook for OCR GCSE Geography A and B 2009 specifications.

Suggested exam board specification links:

GCSE Spec A Unit 2 Topic 1 Coastal landscapes
GCSE Spec B Unit 1 Topic 5 Coastal Change and Conflict
iGCSE Section A Topic 2 Coastal Environments
GCE Unit 2 Topic 2 Crowded Coasts

GCSE Spec A Unit 1 The Coastal Zone
GCSE Spec B Unit 1 The Coastal Environment
GCE Unit 1 Coastal Environments

GCSE Spec A Topic 7 Our Changing Coastline
GCSE Spec B Theme 2
GCE G3 Coastal Landforms and their management

GCSE Spec B Theme 1 Rivers and Coasts
GCE Unit 1 AS Coastal Environments

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