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Calgary Herald
Plans to transform 16 city blocks of urban blight into a vibrant downtown development were unveiled Wednesday morning. The East Village master plan sees the community divided into six character areas for housing, retail and park development. Planners hope to turn the urban dead-zone into the newest oldest coolest warmest neighbourhood in town

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I find it interesting that they never think that vehicle traffic will be at a stand still in the EV. It won't be this utopian neighbourhood where nobody drives and everyone rides bike. Those places are expensive, and almost none of them have underground parking.

Anyone with a bit of money wants to drive.
Mash Bangah
The progress has been substantial. I'm glad for initial success.
Mash Bangah
Very exciting.........please try to preserve the Calgary spirit within your obviously creative design measures. Good luck.
Conor Neary
this is probably one of the more important urban renewal projects in canada. As an architecture student, i'm expecting a sensitively orchestrated and progressive development. a very successful precedent (when considering lower income and homeless demographics without displacing/over-genetrification) is the woodward's project by Henriquez Partners Architects in vancouver's downtown east.

I also have massive hopes for the kind eddy project. please, calgary, follow through!!
seems like an adequate amount of density - not too high and not too low (understandably there are less challenges given the urban environment in contrast to the brentwood plan, which is quite contentious). I am most pleased with the fact that some semblance of "progressive" architecture is shown in the plan instead of the typical nostalgic faux brick/stone nonsense that plagues so many new urbanist visions and so much of the garbage condos built in calgary in the early 2000s.
as opposed to what? A theme-park? Calgary needs new, dense urban communities in order to support a growing and more diversifying population and i'm actually quite pleased with what i see here.
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