Walking Rio de Janeiro (the bit before) Things to Know Before Visiting 1 day ago   11:25

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Damn, I've seen alot of videos of people getting killed violently from Brazil and its one place I'll never visit without being armed, but this guy goes right into some of Brazil's poverty neighborhood and films it like a walk in the park. Safe traveling and walking sir you have got some big cojones.
Jonathan Caceres
Favella oficina Brazil THE most beatifull woman 😍😍😍😍 REALLY
Man, you are crazy to film in a favela... They were complaining that you were recording! Honestly, you could get shot just because of that, because in those areas the drugdealers are the law makers. No shit, you were very lucky.
I know you were tired but your breathing becomes annoying!!, other than that the walking through is amazing!!!
Why did show only the poverty? Where are you from? If you are American show the south side of Chicago, Detroit and the poverty of the hilly billies. You are really full of prejudice!
doug b
What exactly was happening in this video? O que exatamente estava passando neste video?
Please rest for your breathing is scary. Stay blessed.
Que miserable ciudad🤮
Mohammed Alshehri
They got really angry here 10:25 .. Travel safe Keezi!
Daniel Romuald Jr
Paisagem bonita e cidade horrorosa (mais feia do Brasil)!!! Povo estupido e ignorante (salve algumas excessoes)... Cidade tomada pelos marginais e governada por um bando de incompetentes e corruptos...
Why you took one of the poorest neighbours to show? Why the obsession with favelas? It's poverty, it's not beautiful and it's just a little part of the city. Show the old downtown, the modern city, those boulevards, entertainment areas.
Been watching your videos for a while and I'm glad you're still active.

Takes some balls walking through here mate. Lol my paranoia would be screaming for me to get the hell out of there.
videos of discoveries very interesting and nice, suddenly I subscribe, I hope you will take a look at my videos.
Just curious if you could do a video on what's it like video taping these walks?? Specifically India, people stare you down, and I've even heard them calling you. Please!
Enjoyed your walk. Wow this brings back old memories when I used to wander all over that city and to this day I don't know how I did it.. Last year I went on some hikes in the hills around Tijuaca they got pretty steep but what a view at the top. I shot photos mostly but did a few videos from a moving car. The flavelas are very dangerous. I rode the whole length of the tram overlooking all the flavelas and it was peaceful but that's not always the case. The police stations are there for pacification and I am lucky not to be there when it gets ugly.
Luiz Gustavo
This guy is crazy to even go in the Favelas. Im from Rio and i have never been in a Favela. Let alone video it, lol. You could have died smarty pants.
passa o celular
Asif Rahman
Does your camera have a motion stabiliser?
Wal Costa
Go out, gringo!!!!
Is there a way you can stabilize the camera better, or use a post-production stabilizer? It's hard to watch.
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Things to Know Before Visiting Walking Rio de Janeiro (the bit before) 1 day ago   16:39

Things to Know Before Visiting Rio de Janeiro

Is Rio de Janeiro safe is one of the most common questions i get asked. We always hear on the news that these countries are dangerous and that there are a lot of political issues. As long as you are careful, and don’t do anything that you shouldn’t do. Technically it is not as safe as Europe, Australia, United States or other first world countries, but it’s just about being street smart.

In Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana is the most famous place in Rio de Janeiro, but I don’t necessarily recommend that you stay here. Overall don’t walk around with expensive stuff on you and don’t walk on the streets at night.

Today it’s quite easy to get a visa to visit Brasil. Uber is legal here and is widely used in Brasil which cost me approximately 40 usd to get from the airport to the beach.

If you want to have internet or a phone while you travel in Brasil or Rio de Janeiro, I recommend that you buy a sim card at the airport, it’s easier than to do that in any kind of store.

The most popular time to visit Brasil is in February, when the biggest carnaval takes place in Rio de Janeiro. During high season, prices are much higher and everything is more complicated. Brasil is south of the equator so it’s summer there during the “normal” winter. Which means that high season is from December - March. It gets really hot during summer here so ensure you get a room with AC as it get way too hot otherwise.

Let me know if there is any other countries or cities you wanna hear about, I have travelled to most countries in the world and keep doing so, so you can just comment below if you have any questions concerning any country or city in the world. I am happy to share some of my life as a wandering trader.


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Things to Know Before Visiting Rio de Janeiro